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Research platforms

KTH's research platforms promote interdisciplinary collaboration that provides conditions for new, pioneering knowledge that contributes to solving future challenges.

For KTH researchers

More information only for KTH researchers available internally .


KTH Transformation Day 2022

The food industry transformation

11 October at 9-15.15

At least a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the food sector. Therefore, a thorough adjustment of production, processing and consumption of the food we eat is needed. Transformation Day 2022 will highlight KTH research that is already underway on the food industry's transformation, inspire more researchers to apply their own research to the food industry and highlight examples from the sector.

Platform day

KTH Energy Dialogue 2022

17 November at 11.30-16

KTH Energy Dialogue is the KTH Energy Platform's annual conference bringing academics together with industry and policymakers with the purpose to address challenges and visions for sustainable transformation of urban energy systems.

KTH Life Science Day 2022

Model-driven data analysis and Data-driven models

28 November at 13-18

KTH Life Science Platform organises an annual event where we bring together KTH researchers working in the broad area of life sciences. This year, we have invited colleagues using both bottom-up computational models of biological systems and high-level data-driven models. The goal is to highlight that computational/mathematical modelling is crucial for causal inference in biological systems and that models should form a part of the data analysis pipelines for biology.