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KTH Transport Platform

The problems and challenges surrounding the future of transportation are so complex that no one can solve them in their own capacity. Consequently, multidisciplinary collaboration is needed between many stakeholders. One of the main objectives of the KTH Transport Platform is to catalyse multidisciplinary research activities at KTH and with external partners.

The platforms are discontinued

The research platforms will cease as of July 1, 2024. As a result, the research platforms will no longer exist in their previous form. Consequently, the platforms' web pages will not be updated. The web pages will be discontinued shortly.

For KTH researchers

News, events, and calls for KTH researchers is available on the Intranet.

Transport research at KTH

The KTH Transport Platform  connects more than 800 researchers in over 40 research groups  and 14 centres  in five thematic research areas  related to transport issues.

Transport is one of KTH's multidisciplinary focus areas. It integrates activities in transport-related research from almost all KTH schools in the form of individual researchers, multidisciplinary-oriented centres, and laboratories.

The Transport Platform supports and catalyses interdisciplinary research in the transport field.

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