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Holistic Transport System

Vision: to contribute to the development of a reliable and resilient transport system that is sustainable in the environmental, economic and societal dimensions.

Multiscale, -actor and -issue approach

Implementing a Holistic Transport System in research requires the definition of interfaces between subsystems like rail and road. Through a multiscale, -actor and -issue approach, progress on one aspect is evaluated in the larger picture. Integrated and participatory simulation approaches are key tools.

Presentation of a Holistic Transport System

In the film below (around 8 min.), the research theme is presented (from KTH Transport Days 2016 ).

Research groups

Several research groups at KTH's departments/divisions in KTH's school organisation conduct research that fits in the Holistic Transport Systems.

Competence centres


Also, research connected to Holistic Transport Systems is carried out at KTH through Strategic Research Areas (SRA)  and within collaboration in EIT-KICs related to transport .