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Research areas

The five thematic research areas within the transport area aim to support innovative solutions to major transport problems. The idea is to use a holistic system approach in order to coordinate efforts from the most important areas of transport research. These thematic areas are formulated in a way that helps KTH focus on integrative and systemic thinking, rather than on components.

Holistic Transport System approach

At the core of an encompassing Holistic Transport System, there are Transport services, from where four "issues" or needs emerge in between four transport research themes. As pictured in the model below: Arrows point out from the core Transport services towards the research themes and issues/needs in a clockwise order:

  • Future Transportation Infrastructure - issues: Productivity and Efficiency
  • Innovative Vehicle Concepts - issues: Environmental quality, climate
  • Transport in the Information Age - issues: Mobility, Accessibility, User needs
  • Policy and Institutional Frameworks - issues: Safety and Security