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About the platform

KTH Transport Platform aims to support and catalyse interdisciplinary research in the transport field. An important goal is facilitating interaction between KTH's expertise and external partners within academia, public organisations and companies interested in transport research. The vision of KTH Transport Platform is to create an integrated research environment built on societal needs and trends transformed into joint multidisciplinary research.

About KTH Transport Platform

Film presentations

Film about KTH Transport Platform (about 4 min.)

Film about KTH's Strategic Partnerships (about 12 min.)

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Multidisciplinary and collaborative

The problems and challenges surrounding the future of transportation are so complex that no one can solve them in their own city. Consequently, multidisciplinary collaboration is needed between many stakeholders. The purpose of the platforms is to utilise the passion for and opportunities given by holistic transport research, together with other research partners, the industry and society.


The vision is to create an integrated research environment built on societal needs and trends transformed into joint multidisciplinary research through:

  • Meeting places in a multidisciplinary research culture setting
  • Collaborative research efforts in partnership with industry and government agencies
  • Connected researchers aiming for innovative solutions derived from a joint policy-systems-technology approach


Operational activities are run by the Transport Platform Team . The team is managed by the Platform Steering Group , consisting of the heads of schools and the KTH vice president for research, responsible for the KTH's Research Platforms .

The Transport Platform also encompasses several research groups  at departments in the KTH school organisation, competence centres , EIT-KICs  and National Strategic Research Area (SRA) initiatives  active in research related to Transport.

Platform activities for a multidisciplinary research culture

With the overall objective to foster a multi-disciplinary research culture, KTH organises and participates in multidisciplinary meetings and thematic events on transport research and is instrumental in collaborating with industrial partners. We aim to design events to enable researchers and practitioners to meet on a mutually beneficial level.

Objectives with platform activities:

  • Multi-disciplinary research
  • Successful research applications
  • Societal awareness
  • Societal recognition
  • Investments for the future
  • Enabling partnership

Is your organisation interested in creating an activity involving transport research? Please contact the KTH Transport Platform .