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Automotive industry trends discussed during Kista Mobility Day 2023

Automotive industry.
Photo: Unsplash
Published Sep 20, 2023

At Kista Mobility Day 2023, KTH Transport Platform Director Magnus Burman got a chance to discuss "Trends in the Automotive Industry" with Peter Bryntesson, CEO of Fordonskomponentgruppen, FKG, the Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association.

Among other things, one topic handled how the OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) and the automotive supply companies are affected when society goes into a new era of electric, connected, and autonomous cars. According to Burman and Bryntesson, this will most likely have a major impact on our industry and research in the near future, but maybe there is also an opportunity for Sweden.

A video recording of their talk you can find here.

Mobility insight – Trends in the automotive industry