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KTH Materials Platform

Materials research at KTH covers a very wide spectrum of materials and their applications. Activities can often be traced from a focus towards a specific application or industry such as mining, electronics, or the wood fiber industry.

The KTH Materials Platform connects more than 1000 researchers in over 80 research groups and around 26 competence centres  in six thematic areas  related to materials issues.

Materials science has traditionally been an important multidisciplinary research area at KTH with strong ties to Swedish industry, and areas such as mechanics, process technology, design, product development, and life cycle analysis. Materials is one of KTH's five multidisciplinary focus areas with many research projects aiming at contributing to a sustainable development.

KTH Materials Dialogue 2022

Materials for a Sustainable World

Date/time: 14 June, 9-17
Location: KTH Campus, Lecture Hall D1, Lindstedtsvägen 9

KTH Materials Dialogue is an annual workshop for materials related research at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. This year’s workshop, organized by the KTH Materials platform, will include scientific presentations under the topic Materials for a Sustainable World.