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  • New life for discarded food

    Researcher in lab.
    Francisco Vilaplana and his research team are developing new ways of how side streams in food production can be useful in the food of the future. (Photo: Magnus Glans)
    Published Aug 16, 2023

    Will the next generation’s food be made from today’s waste? A team of researchers at KTH is looking into new ways of dealing with unused waste products in the agriculture and food sectors.

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  • Intense discussions during KTH and Region Stockholm matchmaking

    A man with dark hair and glasses presenting in front of an audience.
    Genre picture: Pexels
    Published May 15, 2023

    There were apparent matches and intense discussions when around 30 data science and medical/clinical researchers met during a matchmaking event in April. The event was held in SciLifeLab and was relat...

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  • Gene therapy drugs research project on IVA 100 list of 2023

    Published May 12, 2023

    A research project about gene therapy drugs, "GeneNova - botande behandlingar till fler", led by KTH Professor Johan Rockberg and his research team, has been listed on the Royal Swedish Academy of Eng...

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  • AdBIOPRO, Competence Centre for Advanced BioProduction, secures 112 mkr funding

    Published May 03, 2023

    AdBIOPRO, Competence Centre for Advanced BioProduction, continues its highly ranked industry-academia partnership with five universities and 16 industrial partners. Over the next five years, the new f...

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  • Call within Health, Medicine, and Technology - HMT 2024

    Published Feb 21, 2023

    KTH and Region Stockholm are announcing a joint project call to develop research activities at the intersection between health, medicine and technology (HMT). Project funds can be granted for 1-3 year...

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  • Call for abstracts – Swedish Microfluidics in Life Sciences Conference in May

    Published Feb 03, 2023

    Submit your abstracts for the Swedish Microfluidics in Life Sciences Conference no later than 22 March 2023. SMILS 2023 is being co-organised by Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technol...

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  • KTH Life Science Day presented theoretical tools and causal models to address biological problems

    A speaker and audience.
    KTH Life Science Platform Director Peter Savolinen during the Life Science Day. Photo: Helena Mayer
    Published Dec 13, 2022

    Life Science Day 2022 in November highlighted the need for theoretical tools and causal models to address biological problems. It covered a vast range from spatial and temporal scales of life science ...

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  • 260 million SEK to research within materials in first WISE call

    Photo: Pexels
    Published Dec 06, 2022

    A total of 193 applications were submitted in the first PhD and postdoc call within Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability (WISE). Now, 90 projects have been awarded a total of 260...

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  • "Our success is based on scientific curiosity"

    En man med brunt hår och blå skjorta.
    Peter Savolainen. Foto: KTH
    Published Dec 01, 2022

    12 research groups with different focus work at the Department of Gene Technology. The common denominator is their way of working with method development, mainly in medical problems. ”One of the re...

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  • Two KTH Life Science research projects on the IVA 100 list of 2022

    Published May 13, 2022

    Two KTH Life Science related research projects are listed on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) 100 list of 2022. It lists research projects deemed to have great potential to bene...

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  • Successful mingle between clinicians and data scientists during matchmaking event

    Photo: Pexels
    Published May 04, 2022

    Almost 30 persons participated in the April matchmaking event in SciLifeLab between researchers within data science and medical/clinical research at KTH and Region Stockholm. The event was related to ...

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  • Arvind Kumar new KTH Life Science deputy platform director

    Published Nov 15, 2021

    In October, 2021, Arvind Kumar was appointed as new KTH Life Science deputy platform director. Arvind Kumar is an Associate Professor of Computational Neuroscience at the Division of Computational Sci...

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  • Life Science Day presented the wide range of KTH Covid-19 research

    Professor Kenneth Chien during his Covid-19/Moderna Covid-19 mRNA vaccine lecture/Print screen.
    Published Oct 29, 2021

    Nearly 120 persons participated in Life Science Day 2021 on 28 October, when KTH researchers held lectures about what they did to fight Covid-19 and their research for future pandemics. The keynote sp...

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  • This year's Life Science Day focuses on covid-19 and future pandemics

    Blood test showing positive covid-19 test. Photo: Tatiana Mihaliova / Mostphotos
    Published Oct 29, 2021

    What did KTH researchers do to fight covid-19? What are they doing to prepare society for the coming pandemics? At Life Science Day on 28 October, 2021, a number of KTH researchers and a professor fro...

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  • The Life Science (Technology) platform has changed its name

    Published Sep 29, 2021

    For simplicity, and to embrace all aspects of life science at KTH, the Life Science Technology platform has dropped "Technology" from its name, and is now called the Life Science platform.

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  • Report from AI for Life Science @ KTH

    Published Dec 18, 2020

    On October 14, 9.00-17.00 KTH’s research platforms on Digitalization and Life Science Technology arranged a daylong digital workshop on artificial intelligence and machine learning for life science, h...

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  • Workshop: Infrastructures enabling Life Science

    Doctor holding an Ipad.
    Published Dec 04, 2020

    On 15 December 2020 KTH Life Science Platform arranged a half-day digital workshop to put the spotlight on how important our academic core facilities and central infrastructures are for high-quality L...

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  • Funding for extended Corona testing

    Picture of the coronavirus.
    Coronavirus. Picture: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Published Mar 23, 2020

    Yesterday (March 22, 2020), The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation announced a SEK 50 million donation to academic laboratories at SciLifeLab, Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University with the a...

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  • Postponed: Save the date 14-15 May for the StratNeuro Retreat 2020

    White text on black background saying registration and information coming soon, qr-code.
    Published Feb 18, 2020

    The retreat has been postponed to Autumn 2020 (date yet to be confirmed). If you have already registered to the retreat, your registration will be valid for the new date. More information and registra...

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  • MedTechLabs will develop groundbreaking treatment and diagnosis through AI and bioelectronic medicin

    Professor Kevin Smith, researcher at KTH and SciLifeLab, will (together with Associate Professor and clinician Johan Hartman, researcher at KI) lead the first programme.
    Published Jan 29, 2020

    Two new research programmes focusing on AI and bioelectronic medicine, for application in the areas of breast cancer and inflammatory disease, respectively, have been adopted at MedTechLabs. The resea...

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