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The Life Science (Technology) platform has changed its name

Published Sep 29, 2021

For simplicity, and to embrace all aspects of life science at KTH, the Life Science Technology platform has dropped "Technology" from its name, and is now called the Life Science platform.

President Sigbritt Karlsson has decided that KTH's Life Science Technology research platform changes its name to KTH Life Science research platform, after a proposal from the research platform itself. The name change is also supported by the steering group for the research platforms, which is led by the Vice President for Research Annika Stensson Trigell.

KTH's research platforms were initiated in 2010 and Life Science Technology was one of the original five research platforms.

The Life Science Technology platform originally focused on medical technology, but has over the past ten years expanded to include many life science research areas and helps to highlight all research within life science, and is a contact hub for these researchers.