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Ulysse Dhomé

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I am currently  a PhD student at the Centre for Naval Architecture, working on the wind Powered Car Carrier project, also known as Oceanbird. 

Before starting as a PhD student, I worked as a research engineer on the Maribot Vane project, aiming at developping an energy-efficient, autonomous sailing boat for oceanic research. In the scope of this project, I developped mechanical systems that enable the boat to harvest the wind energy for trimming the sail as well as steering the boat at a constant angle to the wind without the need of any other source of energy. I also participated in the development of algorithms that enable the boat to find a route that can be sailed while avoiding obstacles such as land and surrounding ships, even in a complex environment like Stockholm's archipelago. For 3 years, the boat sailed autonomously in different parts of the archipelago. 

In the Oceanbird project, my research focusses on aerodynamics, performance prediction and control systems. 


Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (SG2224), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Ulysse Dhomé