KTH Space Center

KTH Space Center coordinates and promotes space-related activity at several KTH departments, with an overarching objective of establishing KTH as a "Space University" and a hub for Swedish space research and technology.

New lecture online

Now you can also find the lecture Exploring the high energy universe by balloon held by Marc Perace online!

Clich here to see the lecture Exploring the high energy universe by balloon

Seminars about space - KTH Campus 100 years

Did you miss out on the nightly lectures about space during the KTH Campus 100 celebration? They are now available online!

Click here to see the lectures: Space - Campus 100 years

The Prize for the Best Final Degree Project awarded

The winners of KTH Space Center's prize for the best final degree project on basic and on advanced level has been awarded for 2017. Congratulations Anton Björnberg, Erik Larsson, Filip Samuelsson and Juan Alday!

Click here to read the reports awarded the Prize for the Best Final Degree Project

New observations of the Crab Nebula

New observations made by the balloon-borne telescope, PoGO+, reveal the Crab Nebula's polarised emissions for the first time. The results may help to explain sudden flares in the Crab’s X-ray intensity, as well as provide new data for modeling and understanding the nebula.

Click here to read more about the findings from the PoGO+ mission

New course - Astronomy for Engineers

Are you interested in astronomy? In the spring of 2017 we are offering a new basic-level course in astronomy suitable for all students at KTH. The course provides an introduction to topics such as planets, stars and galaxies as well as telescopes and instruments.  

Click here to read more about the course Introductory Astronomy for Engineers

New book about remote sensing

The book Multitemporal Remote Sensing, edited by professor Yifang Ban at KTH, is now published by Springers and up for sale!


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