KTH Space Center

KTH Space Center coordinates and promotes space-related activity at several KTH departments, with an overarching objective of establishing KTH as a "Space University" and a hub for Swedish space research and technology.

ORBIT : An All-Things-Space Career Fair

Welcome to visit the career fair ORBIT 23rd April in Nymble!

We at KTH Space Center are excited to present, for the first time, a new career fair called ORBIT, focusing on space. The event is organized by KTH Space Center in collaboration with THS Armada  and is an excellent opportunity for you as a student interested in space to get an insight into the space industry. You will be able to interact with leading companies and other businesses in the space industry, such as OHB, SSC andd FOI, and find out more about what they do and what it is like to work for them.

During the day, you will also be able to participate in other activities such as: during lunchtime listen to short presentations by the exhibitors and Christer Fuglesang, compete to win fine prizes, listen to a panel debate during the afternoon and mingle with company representatives and Christer Fuglesang during the pub!

Where: Nymble Plan 2
When: April 23rd at 10am-4pm

If you have questions or are looking for more information about the exhibitors and the schedule during the day, please visit ORBIT - Career Fair .

See you at ORBIT!

Doctoral student in Space Physics for studies of Jupiter moon Io

Project title - Deciphering Jupiter's volcanic moon Io: Unique opportunities with HST, JWST, and NASA's Juno mission.

Io is the most volcanically active world in the Solar System. It is the main source of material for Jupiter's vast magnetosphere, but the processes for the material transport from Io to the environment are not fully understood and the putative variability of Io's mass loss is puzzling. In the project, the student will analyze observations of Io’s atmosphere and surface taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope. In addition, we will study the plasma environment through measurements near Io by the NASA Juno spacecraft. In combination with modelling, the project will address the questions of the mass loss from Io and its atmosphere to Jupiter’s magnetosphere.

Third-cycle subject: Electrical engineering

Supervision: Associate Prof. Lorenz Roth

Read more and apply here

Support for space projects at KTH

We want to remind you that KTH Space Center offers the possibility to apply for financial support for groups or individuals at KTH who wish to carry out any space-related projects or operations.

The support is primarily aimed for new initiatives but ongoing projects and activities can also be considered. All employees and students at KTH are welcome to apply. Amounts of up to 50,000 kr is normal, in some cases higher sums can be considered.

Applications should be sent to rymdcenter@sci.kth.se

Marcus Wandt's launch to ISS - Axiom Mission 3

On 18th of January at 22.45 Sweden's second astronaut started his journey to the International Space Station as a part of the Axiom Mission 3 (Ax-3)  . This mission is the first all-European commercial astronaut mission to the International Space Station!

On Axiom's youtube you can watch the launch and docking with ISS :


Approach and docking

Marcus Wandt. Image credit: Axiom

KTH Professor Yifang Ban received the Google Impact Award

KTH Space Center showcases research and technology development projects related to space activities at KTH. Therefore, we would like to congratulate Professor Yifang Ban  and her team from KTH, who received an award for their work on environmental monitoring and urban mapping using AI and Google Earth Engine (GEE). The team developed methods to monitor forest fires on a continental scale, providing near real-time insights and supporting emergency relief and management efforts.

Read more about the award here: Google reward

Winners of the best final degree project, basic and advanced level 2022

KTH Space Center has selected the winners of the best degree project at advanced and basic level for 2022!

At basic level, we say a big congratulations to Maheen Arfan & Isabelle Bonnier who receive SEK 5000 each for their thesis that explores the possibility of a space-based geoengineering scheme as a solution to global warming. Read their study here:

  Electric propulsion of satellites as an alternative for implementation of a sunshade system (pdf 2.9 MB)

The prize for the best thesis at advanced level and SEK 15,000 goes to Tove Ågren for her thesis that presents a method to inversely quantify uncertainty in rocket simulation models based on launch data. Congratulations! Read Tove's thesis here:

Inverse Uncertainty Quantification for Sounding Rocket Dispersion (pdf 2.0 MB)

Big congratulations to the winners and their interesting and rewarding degree projects!

A look inside KTH Space Technology Laboratory

The KTH Space Technology Laboratory is a central part of KTH Space Center. The laboratory offers state-of-the art environments with laboratory equipment and technical staff with the aim is to strengthening the role of KTH within international research and space technology. Want to take a look inside the laboratory and what it has to offer? We now present our new video of the KTH Space Technology Laboratory!