KTH Space Center

KTH Space Center coordinates and promotes space-related activity at several KTH departments, with an overarching objective of establishing KTH as a "Space University" and a hub for Swedish space research and technology.

Exploring the Physics of Planetary Environments

This summer a novel and unique course addressing the physics of atmospheres, ionospheres and magnetospheres of various Solar System bodies will be housed at KTH. Guest lecturers from Sweden, Europe and the US provide a tour through the Solar System with lectures and workshops on different ways of measuring, observing and modelling planetary environments. The course targets primarily MSc and PhD students. For more information about the course and application click on the link below:
Information about the course

BepiColombo launch

KTH has delivered two wire boom units to the Jaxa/ESA mission BepiColombo that launched on the 20 of October. This is the start of a 7 years long journey to Mercury in order to learn more about the planet.

Click here to read more about the BepiColombo mission