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School of Engineering Sciences

The School of Engineering Sciences is located at KTH Campus at Valhallavägen, AlbaNova University Center in Roslagstull and Science For Life Laboratory in Solna. Our activities include physics, mathematics and technical mechanics.

Our research covers almost everything from basic mathematics to applied mechanics. We work with basic research both theoretically and experimentally in almost all areas, often in collaboration with international universities, colleges, research institutes and industry.

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KTH and Alstom in joint effort for a sustainable European railway system

The EU is focusing heavily on sustainable travel. With Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail), the vision is to introduce a high-capacity, highly reliable integrated European railway system in orde...

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Awarded for world-leading X-ray technology

Mats Danielsson, Physics Professor, has been awarded the Hans Wigzell Research Foundation’s science prize. Danielsson received the prize of SEK 925,000 for his research into medical imaging technology, which can enable earlier diagnosis of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The Foundation is named after a former president of the Karolinska Institute, and supports scientific research and education in the medical field.

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KTH collaboration with Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics proves quantum teleportation

Quantum detectors used in research projects that form the basis of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics were created by Professor Val Zwiller’s research group at KTH.

“Quantum teleportation has huge potential for society to save energy in the future. Information transfer over the internet using quantum technology, for example, requires just one photon rather than millions,” says Zwiller.

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