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  • KTH-led Nuclear Materials Platform receives 40 million SEK in funding

    Porträtt photo Pär Olsson
    Pär Olsson, professor at KTH. PHoto: Fredrik Persson
    Published Apr 19, 2024

    KTH has received funding for a new extensive project in nuclear energy technology. The platform for nuclear materials, NuMaP - Nuclear Materials Platform, receives about 40 million SEK from the Swedis...

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  • Millions to KTH for research on molecular medical imaging

    Mats Danielsson with camera for molecular medical imaging
    KTH professor and research leader Mats Danielsson is delighted to receive 3 351 875 € in ERC funding for basic research that could increase the efficiency of molecular medical imaging. "The system we are creating can provide molecular images with higher sensitivity and resolution than ever before."
    Published Apr 09, 2024

    KTH Royal Institute Professor Mats Danielsson's research team has been awarded a European Research Council Advanced Grant of €3,351,875 for a five-year project that could revolutionize hospital techno...

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  • Invisible face mask reduces the risk of airborne virus transmission

    Graphic image with head and face protection.
    The device creates a filtered airflow in front of the user's face, reducing the concentration of viruses in the air and therefore the risk of infection. (Photo: KTH)
    Published Apr 09, 2024

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, different types of respiratory masks were used as key elements in the fight against virus transmission. However, masks can be uncomfortable and hinder effective human com...

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  • Medtech providing more mobility in life

    Person at screen, in the background man in short trousers
    Doctoral student Xiaochen Zhang's steps and movements are decoded by sensors on his body and in the floor, which can then be followed on the screen. (Photo: Magnus Glans)
    Published Apr 09, 2024

    The Promobilia MoveAbility Lab at KTH focuses on mapping the body's movements, identifying opportunities to increase mobility and different types of assistive devices.

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  • Lilian Matthiesen receives the Tage Elander Prize

    Published Mar 25, 2024

    The Tage Erlander Prize is awarded annually to support Swedish research in science, technology and mathematics and to honour the memory of Prime Minister Tage Erlander.

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  • They compete in rocket launching

    group picture, KTH students with rocket
    KTH students dream of a career in the space industry, engineering or defence. Image: ÆSIR.
    Published Mar 13, 2024

    The ÆSIR student organisation at KTH builds rockets in their spare time. As the first Swedish team ever, they recently participated in a European rocket launch competition. With their self-designed Si...

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  • Deep learning tool may help cut emissions caused by air resistance

    Airplane in the sky.
    A deep learning tool developed by researchers in Sweden, the U.S. and Spain could reduce emissions from aircraft and other forms of transportation.
    Published Mar 05, 2024

    Aerodynamic drag is a major contributor to global emissions. Here’s how a recent development in deep learning can help reduce it.

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  • Josefin Larsson is a new member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

    Published Feb 26, 2024

    Violent stellar explosions are the research focus of Josefin Larsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the new Swedish member of the Class of Astronomy and Space Sciences. She was elected at the mee...

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  • Her work "quite possibly represents a breakthrough"

    Published Jan 26, 2024

    Sara Zahedi believes that collaboration, transparency, and utilizing faculty knowledge in decision-making will improve trust and effectiveness in academia. She is new Professor in Numerical Analysis a...

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  • Equality work is constantly relevant

    Tree woman wearing evening dresses an a man wearing a dress suite.
    The President's Equality and Diversity Prize was awarded in connection to the graduation ceremony in the City Hall on 19 December by Deputy President Mikael Lindström. From left: Carlota Canalias, Linda Lundström and Lisa Prahl Wittberg.
    Published Jan 15, 2024

    Why do women, compared to men, not seem to have similar opportunities to pursue an academic career and reach a permanent teaching position? This is what Canalias, Lundström and Prahl Wittberg wanted t...

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  • Meet Ozan Öktem, recently promoted to Professor of Numerical Analysis

    Published Dec 20, 2023

    Ozan Öktem, recently promoted Professor of Numerical Analysis, spoke about the challenges of an interdisciplinary background. He pointed out some of the drawbacks of the current market focus of academ...

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  • Meet Yunxiang Liao, recently appointed Assistant Professor of Physics

    Published Dec 13, 2023

    Yunxiang Liao, recently appointed assistant professor, specializes in condensed matter theory and focuses on quantum physics of many-body systems. She talks about the synergy between teaching and rese...

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  • Q-SCI: A powerful voice for women in academia

    Published Nov 27, 2023

    Q-SCI has long been a catalyst for change and a strong voice for female faculty at SCI. By creating a platform where women can meet and share experiences, the network has become an important resource ...

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  • Jennifer Ryan newly appointed professor of Mathematics

    Published Nov 23, 2023

    Jennifer Ryan was recently promoted to professor of Mathematics. Excited about her promotion, she explains how she expects her duties to change: "I’m looking forward to the increased contributions I w...

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  • Challenging the speed of sound in NASA's wind tunnel

    Professor Ulf Ringertz explores aircraft behaviour under and above the speed of sound in NASA's Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT). His team has built a generic fighter aircraft model based on the characteristics of the Gripen JAS 39.
    Published Nov 20, 2023

    A collaboration between KTH and NASA is taking aeronautical research to new heights. The project is an important contribution to aviation safety and underlines the importance of international partners...

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  • The BioImage.IO Chatbot: Paving the Way for Conversational AI in Life Sciences

    Published Nov 13, 2023

    Wei Ouyang and his colleagues at SciLifeLab have developed an AI-driven chatbot, BioImage.IO, that can help guide users interested in the complex field of bioimage analysis.

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  • KTH Railway Group's goal: Increase train traffic in Sweden

    Train on rail in landscape
    As the number of train journeys on several high-traffic railway lines through the country is reduced due to maintenance work, the KTH Railway Group is working to get more traffic on the available railways. “This can be done, for example, by increasing the speed of some freight trains to 140 km per hour, with the help of technological improvements, and by introducing new signaling systems, the trains will be able to follow each other more closely," says Sebastian Stichel, director of the KTH Rail
    Published Nov 06, 2023

    One of the goals of ongoing research projects within the KTH Railway Group is to densify train traffic on Sweden's existing railways. "The biggest problem for the country's train traffic is the limit...

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  • In memoriam Arne Johnson

    Published Oct 30, 2023

    Arne Johnson, professor emeritus in nuclear physics at the Department of Physics, KTH, passed away on October 23, 2023 at the age of 79, after a brief period of illness.

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  • KTH Quantum Technology Hub unlocks the potential for collaboration in the quantum field

    Published Oct 27, 2023

    Quantum technology is a field that promises to revolutionize the way we process information, develop powerful computing systems and secure communication channels. The Quantum Technology Hub (QTH) at K...

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  • Swedish Research Council grants support for research infrastructures of national interest

    Published Oct 25, 2023

    The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) has recently announced its decision to provide significant funding for research infrastructures of national interest. Among others, the National Microsco...

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