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School of Engineering Sciences

The School of Engineering Sciences is located at KTH Campus at Valhallavägen, AlbaNova University Center in Roslagstull and Science For Life Laboratory in Solna. Our activities include physics, mathematics and engineering mechanics.

Our research covers almost everything from basic mathematics to applied mechanics. We work with basic research both theoretically and experimentally in almost all areas, often in collaboration with international universities, colleges, research institutes and industry.


Latest News from SCI

Space riddle of supernova's interior cracked

For more than 30 years, astronomers have been trying to work out what is hidden in the remains of a star that exploded near Earth. Now astrophysics professor Josefin Larsson , together with Swedish and international colleagues, has found answers thanks to new measurements with the JWST space telescope.

Challenging the speed of sound in NASA's wind tunnel

A collaboration between KTH and NASA is taking aeronautical research to new heights. The project is an important contribution to aviation safety and underlines the importance of international partnerships in research.

KTH Railway Group's goal: Increase train traffic in Sweden

When the number of train trips on several high-traffic railroad lines through the country is reduced due to maintenance work, the KTH Railway Group is working to get more traffic on the available tracks.


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