School of Engineering Sciences

The School of Engineering Sciences is located at KTH Campus at Valhallavägen and Kista, AlbaNova University Center in Roslagstull and Science For Life Laboratory in Solna. Our activities include physics, mathematics and technical mechanics.

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Their microscope can reveal how the brain works

How does it look at a molecular level when we learn things or create memories? By developing own microscopes, Ilaria Testa and her research team at the Department of Applied Physics, KTH, try to understand how the brain works.

Cancer can be detected earlier and treated more safely

Mats Danielssons, Professor of medical image physics, research leads to the fact that cancer can be detected earlier and treated in a safer and more efficient manner.

Savoy cabbage guides Bagheri's research

Shervin Bagheri, associate professor at the Department of Mechanics, conducts research to develop surfaces that inhibit the friction against the air and reduce fuel consumption.

Quantum mechanics and quantum technology on the radio

In the radio-program series “Den gömda koden,”, section "Den magiska katten" Gunnar Björk, Department of Applied Physics, spoke about randomness, quantum mechanics, and quantum technology with the narrator Roger Dackegård.

The European railway system of 2050: What is needed and how can Shift2Rail contribute?

KTH Railway Group invites you to a seminar. The spring seminar of the KTH Railway Group will look towards Europe this year. Presentations include the two largest European train operators as well as two major rolling stock suppliers.

Göran Gustafsson Symposium in Mathematics

Interested in mathematics? If so, please join us!
Jean-Pierre Eckman, Gérard Ben Arous, and Martin Hairer will organize three thematic days at KTH on the topics "Mathematics in Biology", "The ant in the labyrinth, or anomalous diffusion at criticality", and "Bridging Scales" in June 12-14 2019.


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