School of Engineering Sciences

The School of Engineering Sciences is located at KTH Campus at Valhallavägen and Kista, AlbaNova University Center in Roslagstull and Science For Life Laboratory in Solna. Our activities include physics, mathematics and technical mechanics.

Our departments

Faster diagnosis if a nuclear accident

The tool RASTEP can provide rapid breakdown diagnoses and forecasts for radioactive emissions if a nuclear power failure, Wiktor Frid, the Division of Nuclear Power Safety in the School of Engineering Sciences, KTH believes.

EU will invest in quantum mechanics research at KTH

The European Commission will invest in quantum mechanics research in the Applied Physics department.

KTH Pedagogical Prize to Gunnar Tibert

One of the School of Engineering Sciences Teachers and Director of undergraduate Education, Gunnar Tibert, has been awarded the KTH Pedagogical Prize.

Göran Gustafsson Symposium in Mathematics

Interested in mathematics? If so, please join us!
Jean-Pierre Eckman, Gérard Ben Arous, and Martin Hairer will organize three thematic days at KTH on the topics "Mathematics in Biology", "The ant in the labyrinth, or anomalous diffusion at criticality", and "Bridging Scales" in June 12-14 2019.


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