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Research projects at the Division for Resources, Energy and Infrastructure

Ongoing research projects

  • OdenLife - Structured energy renovations and capacity measures for the public good
    The energy situation in Sweden and Europe is severe now. According to Svenska kraftnät, the risk of manual disconnection of the electricity is reduced five times if one can reduce electricity use by two percent. The same applies if you move two percent of electricity use from the morning and evening peaks of the day. Building property companies such as Svenska Bostäder can contribute to the reduction of peak loads by flexibly reducing electricity-based heating equipment (heat pumps), which can reduce costs for property owners and make the electricity system more robust.
  • BECCS with Combined Heat and Power – assessing the energy penalty
    Bio Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is widely recognized as a vital technology for reaching the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Despite this, BECCS has yet failed to move beyond small scale demonstration units. One notable hurdle, deterring investments, is the energy penalty of operating BECCS with a power plant.
  • Biochar on smallholder farms in Kenya
    The production and use of biochar in 150 smallholder farming households in three different regions in Kenya is investigated in this project.
  • Royal Seaports’ physical resource flows
    This research project aims to provide a physical resource accounting model for urban systems in order to improve physical resource management in Stockholm Royal Seaport.
  • System analysis of biochar production and use in Swedish urban and rural areas

    Biochar is the solid carbonaceous residue of biogenic organic matter (biomass) thermally degraded under low oxygen conditions (pyrolysis).

Belongs to: Sustainable development, environmental science and engineering (SEED)
Last changed: Jul 07, 2021