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  • Hydrogeochemistry of naturally occurring arsenic in the Central Bolivian Altiplano

    Published Jun 11, 2015

    Hydrogeochemistry of naturally occurring arsenic and other trace elements in the Central Bolivian Altiplano – Sources, mobility and drinking water qua...

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  • From words to action - lessons from active stakeholder participation in water management

    Published May 28, 2015

    Defense of PhD thesis

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  • Rajib Sinha presented his licentiate thesis

    Published May 08, 2015

    “Industrial Ecology Approaches to Improve Metal Management: Three Modeling Experiments”

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  • Thinking ahead with SEI and KTH

    Published Apr 17, 2015

    In the intersection between technology, sustainability, urban planning and governance we find interesting possibilities for future urban systems that ...

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  • Industrial Ecology's Assoc. Prof. Fredrik Gröndahl in "Vetenskapsradion"

    Published Apr 14, 2015

    A short introduction to the idea of making valuable materials and energy from cultivated macroalgae in Sweden

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  • Industrial Ecology in radio through Assoc. Prof. Fredrik Gröndahl and the SEAFARM project

    Published Apr 14, 2015
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  • New Professor of Industrial Ecology

    Published Apr 05, 2015
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  • KTH researchers sign MoU on Arsenic mitigation centre in West Bengal

    Published Jan 28, 2015
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  • Being green without being a grinch

    Sweden has reduced its own emissions, but not its consumption of gadgets produced in countries with different environmental standards. (Photo: Marc Feminia)
    Published Dec 17, 2014

    Sweden has reduced its own greenhouse gas emissions. Yet as the holiday gift-giving season approaches, gadgets produced in countries with different en...

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  • Online shopping, at what cost?

    The environmental impact of online consumerism requires more rigorous investigation. (Illustration: Cutcaster)
    Published Dec 16, 2014

    We save time and money by shopping online. But what about the environmental impact? Is it better or worse for the environment that goods and services ...

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  • Holiday travel can be climate smart

    Long-haul air travel emissions exceed that of rail by more than 200 times in Sweden. The figures show emissions in kg and refer to four people whose starting point is Stockholm. (Graphic: Daniel Gineman)
    Published Dec 15, 2014

    Flying the family to Thailand to celebrate the holidays? Maybe taking the train to Åre? The difference in climate impact is considerable, according to...

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  • Valuing ecosystem services - linking ecology and policy

    Published Dec 12, 2014

    Maria Noring presents her dissertation 12 December 2014.

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  • Docent lecture: ICT for sustainability – which are the environmental impacts of ICT?

    Published Nov 30, 2014

    Welcome to Åsa Moberg's docent lecture 10 December 2014.

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  • Strength and deformability of fractured rocks

    Published Nov 25, 2014
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  • How people plan everyday travel

    Published Nov 05, 2014

    Åsa Nyblom shows that planning trips in everyday life is not just about finding out how to get from A to B. It is a process with many parameters and i...

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  • Sharing water in Africa

    Published Oct 30, 2014

    Sharing water in Africa: Comparative analysis of the Limpopo and Orange-Senqu river basins in SADC and the Juba and Shabelle river basins in the Horn ...

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  • Methods will reverse arsenic danger in Bangladesh water supply

    Sediment samples characterization for development of Sediment Color Tool and also targeting the sediments for installation of arsenic-safe tubewells. Credit: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
    Published Oct 29, 2014
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  • Tapping the potential of ICT in future low-energy cities

    Published Oct 16, 2014
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  • ICT4S Conference in Stockholm

    Published Aug 26, 2014

    Several fms researchers are contributing to the 2nd Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S) in Stockholm.

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  • West Bengal minister visited arsenic mitigation researchers at KTH

    Published Aug 22, 2014
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