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The division of Land and Water Resources Engineering was previously a division of the Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED)

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The Division of Land and Water Resources Engineering focuses on research leading to sustainable and effective utilization of natural resources. Our competence ranges from modelling of biogeochemical and physical processes to treatment techniques for pollution prevention as to environmental resources. Sustainable use of natural resources as well as ecologically sound land-use and urban development are urgent questions in relation to climate change, increasing competition for water, drinking-water supply and land and water pollution.

We want to contribute to fulfil the demands of the society for a sustainable and effective utilization of natural resources. Our scientific base is a thorough scientific understanding combined with technical knowledge where natural resources are studied in a social perspective. Knowledge and methodology for the care and use of natural resources includes all scales from the local to the regional and the global.

The research areas of the division:

Environmental Physics   Environmental Geochemistry

Environmental Management and Assessment

Engineering Geology and Geophysics

Water and Sewage Technology   Water Management

Water Resources Engineering

SWIM - Small-scale Wastewater treatment system based on Innovative filter Materials

This Eureka project within the cluster ACQUEAU started 2016-01-01 and has a duration of 18 months. The project is coordinated by Bioptech AB (from 2016-01-01 Ecofiltration AB), a spin-off from KTH research with professor Gunno Renman as co-founder.

EESI master's programme

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