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Access cards on KTH's campuses

As a student, you need an access card to access many parts of campus. Here you will find information about access cards at KTH's campuses.

As a student at KTH you receive an access card that gives you access to the buildings and facilities you need for your programme and studies. Your access card is linked to a permission which gives you access to authorised and locked buildings and premises as well as a personal PIN code.

Secure management of access cards

Your access card is uniquely linked to you and is a personal document. Secure handling of the access card is therefore important in order to prevent unauthorised persons from entering KTH's premises, theft, damage and disruption of education. It is important that you as a student comply with the security requirements of your access card.

It is not permitted to:

  • Lend out your access card
  • Write your PIN code on the access card
  • Let people into KTH's premises
  • Hold up or put up doors

In case of loss or theft of your access card, it is important that you report this as soon as possible to KTH so that the access card can be blocked.

Authorisation and identity check

KTH has security guards guarding all campus areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For everyone's safety and security, KTH's security guards carry out authorisation and identity checks on people staying on KTH's premises.

As a student, you must present the following documents at the request of KTH's security guards:

  • Valid form of identification
  • Valid access card
  • Confirm your authorisation by presenting your access card at the relevant card reader

If you are unable to present these documents, security guards will ask you to leave KTH's premises.

Where do I turn for help with my access card?

KTH Entré  at KTH Campus or service centres at KTH Flemingsberg, KTH Södertälje and KTH Kista will help you with questions about access cards. There you can:

  • Get an access card
  • Change your PIN
  • Replace a lost access card

To gain access to premises with special access, the person responsible from your school must contact KTH Card Office.

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Last changed: Aug 08, 2022