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Computer Rooms and file areas

On the following pages you will find maps showing the locations of the computer rooms, instructions for your computer account and information about file areas where you can save down your material.

Rules regarding the use of computers in KTH's computer rooms

Forgotten property in classroom?

If you are looking for a lost item which might be left in the classroom, please call KTH Service number +4687909200, and you will get help as long as until 22.00 in the evening. For more information, please visit Service number  (in Swedish).

In order to use KTH IT-Support computer resources students must agree to obey by the rules set by KTH IT-Support.

Read more about Using KTH IT-Support Resources

Computer rooms at all of KTH's Campuses

Every campus at KTH has computers available for students in computer rooms. Here you can find the computer rooms divided up according to their campus.

Find Computer Rooms

List of available computers

Network resources and common file areas

As a student you have access to the file areas where you can save down your material. Students are able to use up to 3GB of the home directory (:H).

Network resources and common file areas

Your Home Directory in KTH Windows

Home directory in the Mac labs

Project folder for Students

Disk quota in AFS

Adobe's software in remote computer rooms

Adobe's software cannot be installed in remote computer rooms. Students can therefore only use Adobe's software in the physical computer rooms where they are installed, Computer Rooms .

Available software in KTH's computer rooms

KTH Windows, KTH Ubuntu or KTH Mac platforms are available in the KTH's computer rooms. Besides standard applications such as web browsers and office software, there is a range of software available. The overview of the installed software could be found on the following pages:

KTH Mac – software in computer rooms

KTH Ubuntu - Software in computer rooms

KTH Windows - Software in computer rooms