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Using KTH IT-Support Resources

In order to use KTH IT-Support computer resources students must agree to obey by the rules set by KTH IT-Support.

Authorized Users

Only authorized users are may access the KTH IT-Support computer labs.
An authorized user is a person who can present a valid access cards and identification when asked to. Lack to provide either when asked by a security guard or KTH staff is grounds for removal from the premises.
Users are not allowed to let an unauthorized person enter the computer labs.

Respect your Peers and Teachers

While this may be considered obvious, it must be mentioned. Users may not disturb their peers in the computer labs or otherwise affect classes and similar activities.

Prioritization of Computer Resources

Booked computer lab exercises have the highest priority. Activites with no obvious academic purpose have the lowest.
Apart from this, the "first come, first serve" rule applies.
This means that you are obliged to make room for scheduled exercises when you are working outside your schedule or make room for users who wish to use the computers for school-related tasks when you are simply surfing the web.


There are special rules for printing. See the pages for KTH Print.

Locking the Screen

Users are allowed to lock the screen for short period of time, for instance, to visit the bathroom, but not to lock the screen for a longer period of time, for instance, to go out for lunch.
After 15 minutes, the screen saver is activated, and after further 15 minutes, the computer will automatically log out the user. All applications will be closed and any unsaved work will be discarded. This also applies to computer simply left idle.

Installation of Software

Users are not allowed to install any software or games on KTH IT-Support computers.

Food and Drink

Consumption of food and beverages is not allowed in the computer labs with the exception of the designated areas.

Connection of Own Devices, etc.

Users are not allowed to disable or sabotage the equipment in the computer labs, unless specifically instructed by authorized staff. For instance, you may not pull out network cables from computers or printers for the purpose of connecting your own device.

If you want to connect your computer to the Internet, you can use the wireless network, primarily eduroam. If unable, you may connect to KTHOPEN with a cable through at designated network outlets in the "Shire Lab" (Fylkesalen).