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Home directory in the Mac labs

In the Mac computer labs your files are saved locally on the computer. You have access to the AFS and Windows home directories. To save them permanently You must copy your files there.

The home directory in the Mac lab rooms

You log in with your KTH username and password, but instead of your files being saved in the AFS home directory, a local home directory is now created on the computer when you log in.

Both the AFS and Windows home directory (“H:”) are mounted on the desktop and you get Kerberos tickets and AFS tokens at login. You can therefore reach these home directories regardless of which file system they are in. You also get shortcuts from the desktop to the most common directories (Documents and Desktop) in the respective home directory.

The files you create in the local home directory are not automatically saved to the network directories, but must be copied there, otherwise they will disappear when you log out (or at the latest a couple of days later). So you MUST move/copy their files to the AFS or Windows home directory to be sure to save them.

You also receive information and reminders about this via a splash screen at each login.

The fact that you get a local home directory on the computer also means that your settings are not saved between sessions but must be recreated at each login.