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KTH Ubuntu - Software in computer lab rooms

The computers in lab rooms all have standard applications such as web browsers, office software, IDEs and mathematical/educational software.

In general, most applications listed as available  are installed. Exceptions are:

  • licensed software (where KTH does not have a site license)
  • software that would conflict with standard applications
  • software that requires specific hardware

How to find desktop applications

Use the Home Button on the top left to start Dash, then search for an application's name

Dash search bar

Some locally installed software may not have a launcher. In that case, open a terminal window to launch it from the command line.

How to find command line applications

If you know the application's name, try using bash autocomplete – type "mat«tab»«tab»" and bash will show possible completions

alice:~> mat
match_parens  mathematica   mathspic      matlab        mattrib

Continue with "he«tab»" and bash will automatically complete this to "mathematica", which can then be launched by «enter». (But put an ampersand, "&" at the end to launch it in the background. Otherwise the terminal will block until you exit Mathematica.)

If you don't know the name, you can use standard Unix tools such as apropos , or dpkg -l  to list the local package list (may not include locally installed software).