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Lost and found

Have you lost or found anything at KTH Campus? KTH Entré takes care of lost property at KTH.

Have you lost something?

Students, visitors and staff are encouraged to submit found objects to KTH Entré  during our opening hours. The lost item could be a wallet, a mitten, or electronics. Visit KTH Entré if you have lost an item and keep in mind to give as much information about the item as possible. You can also contact  to inquire about lost items. 

If it is clear who the owner of the lost object is, then we contact the person by either phone or e-mail. If you have been contacted about a found item we ask you to bring the ticket number stated in the email as well as valid identification (ID card, passport, or similar). 

Items are kept in storage for a period of time when their owners cannot be identified. Thereafter, traceable items are sent to the police. 

If we have not yet received the item that you have lost, you can fill in a lost and found form at KTH Entré in order for us to contact you if we receive it later. 

Valuables left in classrooms

Have you forgotten something in a classroom? Call us at 08-790 9200 and KTH's security guards will help you get it back. Please note that you need to be able to describe the items you have forgotten and provide valid identification.