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On campus

Here we have gathered campus related information that can be useful for you as a student at KTH. You will find out how to search for facilities and computer rooms, and also get information concerning safety and general rules for KTH:s facilities. 

Search facilities at KTH

Find teaching rooms and other places on campus in KTH Places, a tool to help you search for the facility you are looking for.

Photo of KTH Entrés facade

KTH Entré

At KTH Entré you can get help with your access card, KTH account and study certificates. Here you can also buy KTH branded merchandise.

KTH's five campuses

KTH has five campuses: in Flemingsberg, Kista, Solna, Södertälje and Valhallavägen.

A person holding an access card

Access card

An access card gives you access to many parts of KTH's campuses, such as buildings and facilities that you need for your education and studies. Here you can read about how to obtain or get help with your access card.

Security on campus

It is important that you feel safe and secure during your studies. Find out what KTH does for security on campus and what applies to access cards.

Interior of KTH Library

KTH Library

KTH Library gives you access to important material during your studies and can help you with, for example, reference management and academic writing.

Computer rooms

KTH has over 50 computer rooms available for you as a student. Here you can find more information and get an overview. 

Parking on campus

If you need to take the car to campus you can get a reduced fee when parking within designated Akademiska Hus areas.

Valuables left in classrooms

Have you forgotten something in a classroom? Call us at 08-790 9200 and KTH's security guards will help you get it back. Please note that you need to be able to describe the items you have forgotten and provide valid identification.

If items are found on KTH Campus, the lost property is handed in at KTH Entré.

Lost and found at KTH Entré