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Access cards on KTH's campuses

As a student, you need an access card to access many parts of KTH's campuses, such as buildings and premises that you need for your education and studies. Your access card is linked to an permission which gives you the right to access authorised and locked buildings and premises as well as a personal PIN code.

Obtain or get help with your access card

You can get an access card at KTH Entré on KTH Campus or at one of our campuses in Flemingsberg, Kista or Södertälje. There you can also get help with basic questions about access cards. You can:

  • Obtain an access card
  • Change your PIN code
  • Replace a lost access card

If you have questions about access cards, you can also e-mail KTH Card Office at .

KTH Södetälje

KTH Södertälje

Kvarnbergagatan 12, Södertälje

Monday-Friday 09.00-15.00


08-790 95 10

Frequently asked questions about access cards

Why can't I enter a room with my access card?

This is usually due to one of the following:

  • Your permission has expired. Authorisations are set according to education, expected needs and are time limited.
  • You do not have access to the building or premises. Some study and computer rooms are reserved for specific programmes.
  • Your card is deactivated or broken. In this case, you must obtain a new access card.

I have lost my card. What should I do now?

Report the loss of your access card by sending an e-mail to KTH Card Office at ​​​​​​​, or call KTH's service number 08-790 9200 and ask to speak to KTH Card Office.

You must then obtain a new access card at KTH Entré or a service centre at KTH Flemingsberg, KTH Södertälje or KTH Kista. Don't forget to bring a valid form of identification.

How do I get access to premises with special access permissions?

For some courses, you may need access to special facilities. To gain access to premises with special access permissions, the responsible person from your school must approve the access rights. Contact the student desk office for your course for assistance.

Student desk offices

Safe handling of access cards

Your access card is uniquely linked to you and is a personal document. Secure handling of the access card is therefore important in order to prevent unauthorised persons from entering KTH's premises, theft, damage and disruption of education. It is important that you as a student comply with the security requirements of your access card.

It is not permitted to:

  • Lend out your access card
  • Write your PIN code on the access card
  • Let people into KTH's premises
  • Hold up or put up doors

If your access card is lost or stolen, it is important that you immediately report it to KTH by e-mailing  or calling 08-790 9200 so that the access card can be blocked.

Authorisation and identity control

KTH has security guards guarding all campus areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For everyone's safety and security, KTH's security guards carry out authorisation and identity checks on people staying on KTH's premises.

As a student, you must present the following documents at the request of KTH's security guards:

  • Valid form of identification
  • Valid access card
  • Confirm your authorisation by presenting your access card at the relevant card reader

If you are unable to present these documents, security guards will ask you to leave KTH's premises.