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Become a co-creator of the change programme Future Education at KTH

Published Mar 15, 2023

What do you think KTH needs to do to become an even better place for studies, for you and future students? Your opinions are valuable!

KTH wants to continue to be an attractive place for education for you and future generations of students. KTH has therefore developed a so-called change programme called Future Education. Through the programme, you can contribute your thoughts and visions so that KTH continues to develop positively.

Future Education has a framework consisting of 13 principles, grouped within five areas. They touch, for example, on topics such as expectations of the students and our courses, pedagogy, examinations and campus life.

In this first stage, KTH wants your help to bring in several perspectives and new ideas. All students have different experiences, and therefore, your opinions are valuable. During March and April, you can contribute to the framework's development and content: What should KTH keep, and what should KTH do differently?

Contribute IRL or digitally

You can contribute in different ways, either digitally on KTH's website or physically at KTH Entré. You can participate anonymously, but it would be interesting for us to know what you are studying.

Digitally, you can contribute by writing notes in Word files linked to OneDrive. There you share your thoughts with KTH employees. Read more on the webpage Contribute to the framework for the change programme Future Education at KTH .

Physically, you can visit KTH Entré. There are posters on which you can stick post-it notes. Do as follows:

  1. Take a post-it note and write down which question 1–4) you answer.
  2. Write what you are studying (and preferably how far you have progressed in your education).
  3. Write the answer for the area/principle your answer refers to (area A–E, principle 1–13).
  4. Put the post-it note on the respective poster.

More information in KTH's podcast

Do you want to know more about Future Education? KTH's podcast "Fikasnack om framtidens utbildning" is broadcast every other Wednesday. On 29 March, the podcast will be guested by THS. Please note the podcast is presented in Swedish.

Learn more about the podcast and find previous episodes

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