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Do you have an idea you want to realize?

Published Apr 27, 2023

As a student at KTH, you can apply for financial support from the university network Unite! for an innovative idea you would like to realize.

This is Unite!

Unite! is an initiative of European universities. European universities are collaborations between universities in different countries that can become the universities of the future.

Read more about Unite! on KTH's external website: Unite! A university for the future

Unite!'s Seed Fund provides financial support to innovative, co-creative and collaborative ideas from students across the Unite! alliance.

The seed funding will support the development of attractive and diverse activities and projects, and collaborations on joint, ambitious and innovative ideas within the alliance. To apply for funding, you need to collaborate with at least one student or student organization from another Unite! university. The support is paid to your school, which distributes the support to the project.

You can find more information about the funding and apply via Metacampus, Unite!'s digital platform. The application deadline is 15 May, 2023.

Seed Fund Initiative

If you have questions, contact Mirko Varano at  or Poonam Mehra at .

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Last changed: Apr 27, 2023