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This autumn, KTH introduces programme rooms in Canvas

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Published Apr 11, 2023

KTH is working to improve communication with students. As of this autumn, communication regarding the programme will occur through programme rooms in Canvas, complementing the information on the Student Web. The programme webs will no longer be used.

Leave opinions on programme rooms in Canvas

KTH is looking for students who want to test the first version of programme rooms in Canvas. Are you interested? Email

Pilot project during the autumn

During the autumn, KTH carried out a pilot project where students in year three from Industrial Economics tested programme rooms in Canvas.
- Canvas is the platform we students use daily in our courses and are familiar with from the start. This creates a sense of security and means that the information reaches out better, says Rebecka Haraldsson, student programme manager at Industrial Management.

Student web and programme room in Canvas

The student web will still serve as the main channel for information that applies to all students. The programme room will be for communication and information only concerning the programme's students.

All students who are registered on a programme will automatically be added to the programme room at the beginning of the autumn semester. This means that you will belong to two programme rooms if you are registered on two programmes.

Briefing of programme rooms at the beginning of the semester

In June, user guides will be published on the Student Web with more details on how the programme room works. At the beginning of the semester, your study counsellor/programme manager will go through how the programme room works.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact  if you have questions or want to know more.

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Last changed: Apr 11, 2023