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Note-taking support

Have you been granted support for note-taking after a conversation with Funka at KTH? Find more information here and apply for which courses you want note-taking support.

Apply for note-taking support first

In order to receive note-taking support, you first need to apply for compensatory support.

Apply for compensatory support

Submit your programme or which freestanding courses you are attending

Have you been granted note-taking support? Then you can submit your programme or which freestanding courses you want note-taking support for. Apply by filling in the online form below.

Once a note-taker has been recruited for your course(s), you will receive contact details for the note-taker and can contact them to access the notes.

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Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about note-taking support, please contact us at Funka.

Contact Funka

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Last changed: Aug 31, 2023