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How to apply for a scholarship

Every scholarship application is made in roughly the same way. Here, as a student, you get an overview of what you need to do and how an application is processed. You can find the application itself on the respective scholarship page.

 How a scholarship application is made

Advice on scholarships

  1. Search for scholarships in different places. Many foundations grant scholarships to students. At Scholarships outside of KTH , we have gathered links to some other foundations and organisations. 
  2. Apply in time. Most of the KTH scholarships are granted once yearly. This means you will have to wait a whole year to apply next time if you miss the deadline.
  3. Make sure to apply for all the scholarships that you are eligible for.

1. Find scholarships

KTH has around a hundred foundations that offer scholarships. You will find all scholarships at Scholarship announcements . Some scholarships are only aimed at a small group of students, for example, students on a particular programme, while others are open to anyone applying. Some schools have their own scholarships, such as travel scholarships. Contact your school office regarding this.

2. Call for application and application

Each scholarship has an application period when you can apply. During that time, you will find information on how to apply on the scholarship's website under Scholarship Announcements . Spend time on your scholarship application and be thorough when writing it. Include all required attachments and write the text to make it easy to understand. It increases your chances of being awarded a scholarship. Some scholarships are awarded based on GPA. 

How your GPA is calculated

3. Processing of applications

The processing time may vary from scholarship to scholarship depending on the number of applicants, among other things.

4. Decision and notification of decision

Decisions are made by the chairperson of KTH’s Scholarship Council. You will receive the decision via e-mail to the e-mail address you entered in the application. Sometimes it is stated in the announcement text when a decision will be made. If it does not, decisions usually come within 2-3 months after the announcement period has expired.

5. Payment

Payment is made within one month after you receive the decision. Scholarships for travel and research are paid to the school and not directly to the scholarship holder's own account.