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Frequently asked questions about scholarships

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about scholarships for students from KTH affiliated foundations.

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What is a scholarship?

It is a gift, most often a financial gift that is awarded to a person for studies, travel or a specific research topic. A scholarship is personal and is handed out in order to cover foreseen costs. Some scholarships are awarded to individuals for extraordinary achievements (grant of friendship, scholarship medals).

What is a KTH affiliated foundation?

A KTH affiliated foundation is established by a donor/founder (a person, a company, an organisation) who deposits a sum of money for a foundation that KTH has agreed to manage. In most cases this is initiated by a will or a gift deed. Usually, only the returns on capital is used for awarding scholarships.

The foundation charter stipulates how the foundation can act and is established in the statues. The founder can set terms and conditions for the donation by determining the purpose of the foundation. KTH commits to the will of the founder as defined in the foundation charter. This could be that the scholarship is only to be awarded to:

  • a gifted student as support for further studies
  • a recipient who is from Värmland (region)
  • as a travel grant for a teacher / researcher / doctoral student
  • a recipient who is a Swedish citizen
  • a recipient who has a degree from KTH
  • a person studying a a certain school or specialisation

A foundation is a legal entity. Hence, KTH does not decide how and to whom the scholarships are awarded as this is defined by the foundation charter. The activities of a foundation is covered mainly by the Foundation Act (Stiftelselagen) but also by laws and regulations for accounting and auditing. It is not an exercise of public authority and is thus not covered by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (Offentlighetsprincipen).

The supervision of the foundations is conducted by the County government (Länsstyrelsen). Donations directly to KTH and donations for establishing a foundation managed by KTH have different terms and conditions.  

What assets can a foundation distribute? 

The majority of the KTH-related foundations are set up to distribute a certain percentage of the return-on-investment portfolio. Others are set up with the ambition to distribute the entire capital fund within a certain time frame and then be terminated.

Can anyone apply for scholarships awarded by KTH affiliated foundations ?

Only students, researchers and teachers at KTH can apply for these scholarships (with very rare exceptions).

Can I apply for a scholarship anytime of the year?

You can only apply for a scholarship during a current applicaiton period. More information and application forms are published here: Current announcement of Scholarships.

How do I apply?

Almost all applications for scholarships awarded by the KTH affiliated foundations can be filled in online. A link to the relevant application form is published with the call description. Read the provided information and instructions thoroughly. Please observe that only completed applications will be processed.

If there is no form provided you will have to write your own application. Make sure to include all data that is required such as an email address and a personal number.

How to apply for a scholarship

How do I write programme and year code?

Write the abbreviation (programme code and the year you started your studies), for example ”CSAMH15”. You will find this in Ladok. 

Mandatory courses

The foundation "Stiftelsen Henrik Göranssons Sandviken stipendiefond", requires that applicants should have passed all mandatory courses in year 1 and 2. You can find all mandatory courses in the programme syllabus.

Programme syllabuses

If your course or code has been changed you will need a certificate from your study advisor providing information about the course change. Add this as an attachment to your application.

If no information about your programme, year and specialization is available you will need a certificate from your study advisor indicating which courses (code and name) that are mandatory for year 1 and 2.

How do I calculate my average score?

How to calculate your GPA

How do I provide my account number in the online application?

If you are required to provide an account number make sure that you get it right. You can find more information with your bank. If you don't have a Swedish bank account, please send an email to  for support.

What attachments should I provide?

You should only attach attachments that are specifically required. When you apply for a travel grant you should provide a budget and a document that verifies the costs of the budget. It can be a screen print of tickets, hotel costs, conference fees or invitation. You are not obliged to have purchased the ticket or paid other travelling costs at the time of application.

Do I pay taxes for a scholarship/grant?

As a general rule you do not have to pay taxes in Sweden for an awarded scholarship.

Will I be notified that my application has been registered?

Confirmations are sent automatically as you send in the application online from the web. In the rare cases where applications are sent to the registrar there will be no confirmation sent to you.

When should I file a requisition form to receive the scholarship and to whom do I send it?  

When you apply online you will provide your account details if this is required.

Sometimes the payment can only be processed after you have filed a form (provided with a letter notifying you about the scholarship award) and sent it in. Return the original with your bank details and your signature. If the scholarship sum is not requisited within a year the amount is returned to the foundation.

The requisition should be sent to:

Postal address: KTH, GVS/RSO, Stiftelsefunktionen, 100 44 STOCKHOLM
or Internal KTH mailing system: GVS/RSO, Stiftelsefunktionen, TR1

Exception: Scholarships from ”Jubileumsanslaget”, Knut och Alice Wallenbergs stiftelse. The amount is sent to the school who is the entity that needs to file a requisition form (not an invoice and not an SEB-requisition) to GVS/EUA ( ). The requisition can be filed at the earliest a week after the decision has been announced. The amount must be requisited within six months from the date of the announcement.

How and when will I be notified if I have been awarded a scholarship?

Everyone, both those who are awarded and those who are not awarded, gets a notification sent to the email address provided in the application. We prefer that you use your KTH email address.

The notification about the general travel grants are usually sent in the end of May. Some weeks later, before midsummer, the notifications about the general student scholarships and Stiftelsen Henrik Göranssons Sandviken stipendiefond are sent. All other foundations send their notifications approximately two to three months after the application deadline.

When do I receive the scholarship?

Payments are usually handled within one month after the decision is announced.

Can I get a pre-confirmation?

No, you will not be able to get any confirmation before the decision is announced.

How are applications processed?

The application period is normally three weeks. The next step is processing all the application data, checking details and requirements in Ladok. The processing time is determined by the number of applications and the required conditions to be met. In some cases the applications are sent to the schools for prioritisation. Nominations are then provided to the scholarship committee or board who makes the decision. Notifications on who is awarded are then sent to the recipients, to those not awarded and to the schools.

Do you have any questions about scholarships?

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