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How to apply for a scholarship

Students studying at KTH or employees, including PhD students and research staff, can apply for scholarships and travel grants from the KTH affiliated foundations. The following information includes foundations that are not affiliated with KTH but provide students and faculty with scholarships in their statutes.

The scholarship process
The scholarship process

KTH has about a hundred affiliated foundations and you can read about these on the page About KTH's affiliated foundations .

Here you will find some brief information about the scholarship process. Additional information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions  page.

Announcement and application

During each application period, the announcements respectively will be available under Scholarship announcements . In each scholarship announcement text there is a link to the application form.

Some schools/departments/institutions have their own scholarships, such as travel grants, to distribute. Contact your school office regarding this.

Processing of applications

The processing time can vary from announcement to announcement, depending on the number of applicants and to what extend scholarship administration is required.

Decision and notification of decision

Notification of whether the applicant has been awarded a scholarship or not is made by e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the application.


Payment is made within one month after the decision has been sent out. Travel grants are paid to the school and not directly to the scholarship holder's own account.

Travel report

In the case of a travel and research grant, an activity report must be submitted no later than one (1) month thereafter (the current address can be found in the respective decision). More on how to write a report (travel /research) .

Refund of grants

If funds have been paid for travel or research scholarships but have not been used for the granted purpose, repayment has to be made. There is some possibility for reallocation. In that case, contact . If the travel grant has not been fully utilized, the surplus must be repaid. Contact  for further instructions.

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Last changed: Feb 15, 2021