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Funding for degree project abroad

To carry out the degree project abroad does not necessarily mean increased costs. Since your degree project is part of your curriculum and you are enrolled at KTH while you carry them out, you have the opportunity to receive student aid equivalent to that of conventional studies. If the degree projects is done within the EU you can apply for Erasmus+ scholarship to cover additional expenses such as travel to and from the place of study. For studies outside of Europe there are other scholarships.

Student finance from CSN

During your degree project, you can still recieve student finance from the Swedish Board of Student Finance, CSN, since you are enrolled and taking credits at KTH. This applies only if you already qualify for student finance. A so-called supplementary loan from CSN can be applied for to cover things such as higher living expenses, travel expenses and tuition fees. Learn more on CSN's website, .

Funding within Europe

Are you going to carry out a degree project abroad within Europe? In addition to everything listed on this page, there are additional options via, for example, Erasmus+.

Grants and scholarships from KTH

Apart from grants from KTH's schools, there is a scholarship from KTH to apply for regarding degree project abroad. 

Karl Engver's foundation for students at KTH planning to do the degree project abroad 

Scholarships from other organisations

There are lots of other scholarships available, however often considerable efforts are needed to identify one that suits your needs. Below are a number of links to scholarship databases and organisations that advertise scholarships.

Scholarship databases

Scholarships from organisations

Compensation from clients

If you do your degree project for a company they might compensate you for your work. It is possible to receive compensation even if one is granted Erasmus scholarship. Remember, however, that you can be required to repay student aid if your annual income become too high. For more information, CSN's website, .