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Short course at Aalto University

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About the course

University:  Aalto University

About the course: The course is called From value capture to value sharing - Designing business models for shared value. 

Key words: ecosystem, platform, value sharing, business model, resilience

Data, information, and knowledge are becoming increasingly important in business models (industry 4.0, smart services). This transition calls for changes in business model design. Compared to “traditional” resources, information-based resources do not “wear out” - instead, they increase value when they are shared. At the same time, sharing must be orchestrated to maintain stability and predictability in business.

This course focuses on five important topics related designing for shared value in business models:

  1. The concept of shared value and its most prevalent critique
  2. Value proposition design process, and related tools
  3. The concepts of resilience, adaptability and agility in business model context; the process of stress testing business models
  4. The concept of ecosystem in business context, platform business models, data sharing in platforms
  5. Business model innovation as a concept, business model pattern tools

The course is organized around collective knowledge creation. During Tuesday keynotes we will discuss and reflect the readings together. On Thursdays, we put the theory in practice in interactive teamwork exercises (mentored design tasks, using Miro-boards). The participants will reflect the learnings in weekly journals.

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Subject: Industrial Management, open for all master programme

Language: English

Fee: No fees

When: 20 April-20 May 2021

Credits: 5 credits


Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree.

Application and deadline

Apply to the course

Deadline: 1 April 2020

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