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Study abroad

Studies abroad is a unique opportunity and experience, a chance for you to round out your résumé while discovering the world, learning about new cultures, and making friends for life. As a student at KTH, you have the opportunity to spend a part of your study time abroad, without additional costs or extended study time.

Late application for exchange studies

Starting on 15 March, you can make a late application for exchange studies for next academic year. Choose from the places that has not yet been allocated. First come, first served.

Learn more on Late application .


Carry out your degree project abroad

Learn more on how you can carry out your degree project abroad through your KTH studies.

Different types of studies abroad

  • Exchange studies  - Swap your studies at KTH for a semester or two at one of KTH's partner universities.
  • Degree project  - Carry out your degree project at a cmopany or organization abroad.
  • KTH Global Development Hub  - Participate in project courses in Africa focusing on global challenges.
  •  - Study one or two semesters at a partner university and receive master's degrees from both KTH and the partner institution.
  • Summer and short courses  - Spend the summer at another university in a new country, or study abroad for a shorter period of time.
  • Internship  - Carry out an internship at a company or organization abroad.