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PolyU International Summer School 2021

Last day to apply has passed.

About the course

University:  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

About the course: PolyU International Summer School 2021 offers students from around the world a wonderful summer exchange experience with credit bearing subjects and a variety of enrichment activities.

More information about the course at PolyU website 


  • Track 1: Chinese Language, Culture and Society
  • Track 2 : Design, Innovation and Technology
  • Track 3: Business, Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership

Language: English

Fee: Free of charge for KTH nominated students. 2 students will have opportunity to receive scholarship for HKD 5,000 (approx. 5,300 SEK). Scholarship Criteria:

  1. PolyU International Summer School 2021 offers in face-to-face mode that requires travelling to Hong Kong;  
  2. Officially nominated by Student Exchange partner;  
  3. Enrolled 2 subjects at PolyU International Summer School 2021; 
  4. Achieved 80% of attendance AND obtained grade D or above in all subjects; 
  5. No outstanding fines with PolyU; and  
  6. Complied with University policies and regulations, the Hong Kong Immigration regulations and the Laws of Hong Kong.

When: July 19 - August 16

Credits: 3 PolyU credits. Please contact Programme Responsible for further confirmation concerning the content of the summer course.


Students must be registered at KTH. 

Application and deadline

Complete the online application form . You also have to send the following documents to: :

  1. CV
  2. Ladok Registration Certificate
  3. Permission Letter from programme responsible
  4. Application form
  5. Copy of valid passport

Deadline: Feb. 25, 2021

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