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Finding an internship

There are many ways to find potential internships. Among other things, there's internship programmes organized by different organizations, and organizations that mediate internships.

Internship programmes

Vulcanus Programme – language studies and industrial internship in Japan

The EU Japan Centre in Tokyo and Japanese industries cooperate concerning the Vulcanus Programme for EU citizens studying engineering from year 3 onwards. The programme encompasses a one-year stay in Japan and includes a one-week seminar, four month intensive language course in Japanese and eight month industrial internship at a Japanese company.

The Vulcanus Programme

Internships in Japan through Deans Forum

KTH is member of the Deans Forum university network. Within the network is encouraged mobility for research internships at companies. University of Tokyo has now published a number of positions in Japan. Some funding is awarded for all offers. The positions aimed for ”master’s degree” is available for master students and the ones aimed for “PhD-candidate” are available for PhD-candidates and younger researchers at KTH.

Internships in Japan

German in practice

German in practice (Cologne / Düsseldorf) is a course that combines language study with 15 weeks of language training at a German workplace. The semester begins with an eight-week intensive course in German. All course participants are offered a business internship that corresponds to their educational background.

Directly through the company

Get in touch with the companies you are interested in. Larger organisations frequently post proposal for internships and degree projects on their websites.

Through organisations that mediate internships

Search in databases that mediate internships and degree projects.

Internships and degree projects in Europe

Internships and degree projects worldwide

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