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Internship abroad

An internship abroad is an opportunity to gain work experience and make contacts during your studies. The internship is generally not credit giving. If you carry out the internship in the EU you have the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus scholarship to cover additional expenses and apply to have the internship registered in your diploma supplement. Besides conducting the internship during your study period, you can carry it out immediately after completing your studies - before you get your degree.

1. When can I go?

Internships can be performed at any time when convenient in your education. Some schools offer internship courses that allow you to credit internship in your education. Check with your school for more information. Since the internship itself is generally not credit giving it may advantageously be made during the summer where it does not clash with any course. You can go after you have finished your last semester ( Recent Graduate ). You cannot apply for your degree until your intership is finnished. 

2. Find internship

Before applying for a scholarship, it is important that you find an internship.

Finding an internship

3. Apply for a scholarship

Depending on where in the world you want to conduct internship you can apply for various scholarships to fund additional expenses such as travel and accommodation. For internship within the EU you have the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus scholarship, which is usually granted to all who apply.

Funding for internship abroad

4. Prepare your language

In order to manage you studies abroad, you may need to improve your language skills. KTH has a wide range of credit-giving language courses, language partner programmes and language cafes we recommend you take part of. You can also get an online language course (OLS) in the required language.

Språkkurser, språkpartnerprogram och språkcaféer

5. Important preparations before departure

Before you go it's important that you review your insurance policies and other practical matters.

Important preparations for internship abroad

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