Master's Programme, Human-Computer Interaction, 120 credits

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Example of elective courses, Spring term 2016

DD2427 Bildbaserad igenkänning och klassificering 6.0 Avancerad nivå

DH2641 Interaktionsprogrammering 6.0 Avancerad nivå

DH2323 Datorgrafik med interaktion 6.0 Avancerad nivå

DT2112 Talteknologi 7.5 Avancerad nivå

DH2628 Metoder för interaktionsdesign 7.5 Avancerad nivå

DH2632 Människa-datorinteraktion, högre seminarier 3.0 Avancerad nivå

DH2629 Interaktionsdesign som reflekterande praktik 7.5 Avancerad nivå

DT2213 Musikalisk kommunikation och musikteknologi 7.5 Avancerad nivå

DH2466 Avancerad individuell kurs i människa-datorinteraktion 6.0 Avancerad nivå

DD2257 Visualisering 7.5 Avancerad nivå

DH2660 Haptik 6.0 Avancerad nivå

DH2321 Informationsvisualisering 6.0 Avancerad nivå

Elective courses spring semester 2015 and recommended cluster of courses

For students starting the masters program in HCI autumn 2014 there are a number of elective courses to choose among for the spring semester. They are all listed a little bit down on this web page.

If you would like to follow a specific path through the courses we recommend the following:

Focusing on IxD:

DH2628 Interaction design methods

DH2629 Interaction design as a reflective practice

Focusing on visualisation:

DH2321 Information visualisation

DH2323 Computer graphics and visualisation

Focusing on multi modality:

DT2112 Speech technology

DH2641 Interaction programming

DH2323 Computer graphics


The rest of the course credits are picked from the list of elective courses.


If you need to discuss your selection of courses, please book at meeting time with Ann Lantz alz at

Important information for students applying to the Autumn 2014

Selection of Courses

Below are some suggested alternatives for courses that are possible to combine during the first semester of the master program in HCI. There are several options depending on what you have studied before and what you like to specialise in. 

Important: the course list in the online catalogue is not complete, so use the below list for the most updated information! Full list of courses in the program can be found further down on the page. Some courses have special prerequisities - make sure to check these carefully at respective course webpage!

Alternative 1:

 Alternative 2:


Alternative 3 *

* This is a special option primarily for studens who plan to specialise in computer graphics and visualisation, but who have limited or lacking programming experience.  


Alternative 4 **

** This is a special option primarily for students who already have taken Interaction Design 1 (DH2626), Interaction Design Methods (DH2628) and/or Interaction Design as a Reflective Practice (DH2629).


Exceptions to the above alternatives could be made, e.g. if you have taken courses with much overlap with the recommended courses (from KTH or another university), or if you plan to include another course that is relevant to the subject area, after dialogue with the program responsible. 

DH2610 is mandatory for the master program. A course from the second year (see below) could replace any of the other courses, given that you are eligle to take it. However, be aware that in such cases there will be a higher risk for schedule clashes.


Elective Courses Spring 2015

Elective courses year 2 (autumn 2016)

Contact your study councellor if you run into problems applying to any of the above courses, and they will add them manually for you!

For questions about the programmme  please contact the programmme director Ann Lantz

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