Courses 2018-2019

The following courses are given as part of the programme

Fall semester 2018

  • Advanced Real Analysis I, SF2743,
  • Enumerative Combinatorics, SF2741
  • Chaotic dynamical systems, SF2720
  • Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, MM8019
  • Mathematical Communication, MM7020
  • Function theory of several complex variables, MM8040

Spring semester 2019

  • Topology, MM8002
  • Avancerad reell analys II, MM8039
  • Galois theory, MM8005
  • Differential Geometry, SF2722
  • Theory of science, AK2036 
  • Topics in Mathematics III,  SF2723. This years topic will be: "Introduction to Riemann Surfaces"

In the broadening and profile block we allow courses that our outside our program. We recommend you contact the program coordinators or study councilor about such courses. The following webpages contain lists of courses that can be chosen. 

Courses organized solely by KTH

Courses organized solely by SU

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