Courses 2021-2022

The following courses are given as part of the programme

This list is tentative and is subject to changes!

Fall semester 2021

  • Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry,  MM7042
  • Advanced Real Analysis I, SF2743
  • Graph Theory, SF2740
  • Mathematical Communication, MM7020
  • Partial differential equations, MM8008
  • Topology, MM7041
  • Fourier analysis, SF2705
  • History of Mathematics, SF2725

    Spring semester 2022

    • Algebraic topology MM8042 
    • Representation theory for finite groups, MM8021
    • Number theory, SF2728
    • Advanced Complex Analysis, SF2745 
    • Theory of science, AK2040 (KTH)
    • Topics in Mathematics III, SF2723 (Fractal Geometry, note: change of course)
    • Topics in Mathematics IV, SF2724 (Theory of polytopes)
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