Courses 2022-2023

The following courses are given as part of the programme

This list is tentative and is subject to changes!

Fall semester 2022

  • Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, MM7042
  • Topology, MM7041
  • Advanced Real Analysis I, SF2743
  • Enumerative Combinatorics SF2741
  • Galois Theory, MM7043
  • Reductive Algebraic Groups, MM8043
  • Spectral Geometry of Graphs, MM7032
  • Mathematical Communication, MM7020
  • History of Mathematics, SF2725

Spring semester 2023

  • Differential Geometry, SF2722
  • Chaotic Dynamical Systems, SF2720
  • Advanced Real Analysis II, MM8039
  • Topics in Mathematics I: Theory of Schemes, SF2704 
  • Topics in Mathematics V: A Mathematical Approach to Complex Systems and Sustainability, SF2730. See for more information.
  • Theory and Methodology of Science (4.5 credits) [This course together with SA2001 replaces AK2040]
  • Sustainable Development and Research Methodology in Mathematics, SA2001 (3.0 credits), 
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