Thesis project at KTH

Here you find information about doing a thesis project at KTH. Note that you can also to a project at SU and there are (minor) differences in the rules.

Goal, contents and plan

The goal of the master's project is to give the student experience in carrying through herself/himself a large project in scientific computing and to give deeper knowledge and understanding in the subject.


At least 60 credits on the advanced level must be earned before being able to get accepted. Also, we strongly recommend that you have successfully completed the courses in the mandatory block.


The master's project is a 30 ECTS credit course, i.e. approximately five months of full time work

Available projects

Projects or most often carried out at the Department of Mathematics. Sometimes projects are done at a company or other external institutions or authorities.  It is also possible that you are carrying out your master thesis project abroad.

It is recommendable to start the search well ahead of time.

The division of mathematics at KTH consists of the following research groups

When choosing a topic you can contact the researchers in these groups and ask for possible projects.

Before you start

The student and the examiner need to fill out the following form and submit it to Fredrik Viklund (  The box concerning "delegating examiner" can be left blank). The course code is SF278X and the grading is Pass/Fail.

If you do your project at a company or abroad it is also important that you fill out the following form 

When you are finished with the project:

The main outcome is a project report (master thesis). The report will also be presented by the student during a presentation. 

When the final version of the thesis is ready:

  • The final version of the thesis should be submit by the advisor to Irene Hanke.
  • This needs to be done at least two weeks before the presentation. T
  • The presentation should be announced by the advisor.
  • The following form needs to be filled out: form when finished


Normally speaking, the examiner and the advisor are the same person. 


The Master's thesis project will be graded according to the P/F scale.

Course administrator

Maurice Duits

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