Fire Evacuation information

Fire Evacuation information KTH School of Architecture


In case of evacuation, always use the stairs !

Photo: svt, June 2015
Photo: svt, June 2015

Wheel chairs and strollers must be left in the stairwell. The stairwells work as separate fire cells.

Make sure to find out where the nearest escape route and assembly point are. On each floor, there is an evacuation plan, showing the way out.
If the building needs to be evacuated, you should use the stairs. By following the green exit signs you will know when you are at a safe place. The school has three exits leading out from the building. There are two exits at the ground floor (level 1) and one at the 2nd floor of the stairwell A2 (northern stairwell).
Assembly point is borggården, (the court yard at the KTH main building).

 Evacuation Plan                Exit                  Emergency handle

   EVACUATION PLAN                                 EXIT                        ONLY USE EMERGENCY HANDLE 
                                                                                                            IN CASE OF EVACUATION


 Work Prevention - keep escape routes free

The School of Architecture is a creative place and we want to keep it that way. However, safety is the most important thing, and we must all help to keep escape routes free to ease the evacuation in case of an emergency. The passages on studio floors must be free from materials. In case of evacuation people can get hurt if material is placed in the escape route.
If you place anything in the escape route areas, it will be removed.


In case of fire

The school is equipped with an automatic fire alarm. There are also alarm buttons on each floor to start the fire alarm manually .The sprinkler systems start automatically if enough heat is produced.

  • If the alarm sounds, evacuate the building. Always use the stairs. If the staircase is filled with smoke, do not leave the floor. Call 112 and KTH alarm number 08-790 7700. The address is KTH Campus , Osquars backe 5.
  • Assembly point is Borggården (the courtyard at the KTH main building)


If it is a small and limited fire, use fire extinguishers available on each floor and in the student workshops. Make sure that you know where the closest extinguisher is located.



Notes on fire - small checklist


Acting under the motto " Save - Alarm - Extinguish - Evacuate ."


Do not take any unnecessary risk

• Rescue people in   danger

• call Emergency Services 112 even by automatic alarm. Give the name, address and extent of the fire.

• Meet the Rescue Service

• Warn other people in the building

• Put the fire out if possible, but do not take any unnecessary risk.

• Close doors to escape routes and stairwells to reduce the spread of smoke



Photo: Johanna Åfreds

This information has been developed in collaboration with staff and safety officers, and handed out to all who study and work at the School of Architecture. Information was also taken from the Swedish Fire Protection Association.

Fire Evacuation information as pdf file: Fire Evacuation Information

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