Master Degree Project

A Master´s Degree Projects of 30 credits equals approximately one semester full time work. The project/thesis shall be done individually. If you work together with another student it must be approved by your examiner and the effort of each student in the thesis must be clearly distinguished.

What constitutes a master degree project/thesis?

A degree project is often the largest, most important individual element of your educational programme and is of interest for many future employers. 

The purpose of a degree project is to provide you with experience in research as well as in working life and to develop your ability to:

  • Independently and under realistic circumstances be able to structure, plan and carry out a specific and limited task with an engineering approach
  • Document your work in a systematically well-written structured report
  • Present your work orally

Find the topic for your degree project

It is the responsibility of the student to find a suitable topic for the degree project, the project must be related to the subject area of your master programme. It is advisable to contact the Programme Director, to discuss this.

Search for projects in KTH's Degree project portal.

Course registration

Course registration must be completed before starting work on your project. See link to the left named: "Administration of your Master Degree Project".

Requirements for admission

Master’s students:

  • You must have 60 credits from completed courses from the programme curriculum, including advanced courses.

Students from "Civilingenjörsprogrammet i Elektroteknik" that have started their studies at KTH up until autumn 2017:

  • A maximum of two unfinished courses from the first three years of the programme is allowed.
  • At least 240 ECTS (247,5 credits for the Master's Programme in Electric Power Engineering) from the programme must be completed. 

Students from "Civilingenjörsprogrammet i Elektroteknik" that have started their studies at KTH as from autumn 2018:

  • All course required for issuing the Bachelor Degree should be fully completed.
  • At least 60 hp from courses at the advance level should be completed. These 60 hp should be within the program and relevant for the master thesis subject.
  • The course Theory and Methodology of Science should be reported with a pass mark.

Exchange students 

Exchange students also need to hand in a Thesis Agreement at the same time as the application. It can be obtained from your international coordinator at KTH.

More information on how to register for the course to the left: "Administration of your Master Degree Project". 

Supervisor and examiner

For every degree project an examiner from the department is designated. His or her role is to take responsibility for the quality of the degree project. There must also be a supervisor from KTH for the project and the examiner is not allowed to be the supervisor. Depending on the department you might have contact with your examiner to a different extent, but it is always the examiner that decides whether or not your degree project is approved. When doing your degree project at a company you will have a supervisor there as well.

If you do not complete your degree project

If you have initiated a degree project but for some reason are not able to complete it, you should as soon as possible contact your supervisor.

Financial considerations

Some companies pay a "salary" during the degree project. Make sure that this is specified in the degree project agreement, and ask about how frequently and/or by what method the payments are made.

Degree project abroad

For more information regarding doing a degree project abroad.

If you intend to do your degree project abroad, don’t forget to apply for a scholarship at the School of Electrical Engineering. 

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