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May 2018
Administrator Magnus Andersson created event 15 May 2018
Administrator Magnus Andersson edited 15 May 2018

Year 1 students, admitted Autumn 2018

Year 1, welcome meeting for students admitted autumn 2018. Information about the programme.¶

Administrator Magnus Andersson uncancelled the event 15 May 2018
Administrator Magnus Andersson edited 15 May 2018

Year 1, welcome meeting for students admitted autumn 2018. Information about the programme.

Administrator Magnus Andersson uncancelled the event 23 May 2018

Administrator Magnus Andersson changed the permissions 23 May 2018

Kan därmed läsas av alla och ändras av alla.
November 2015
Scheduling staff created event 27 November 2015
Scheduling staff edited 27 November 2015

Kårens dag Union Day i Nymble

September 2015
Scheduling staff created event 17 March 2015

changed the permissions 28 March 2015

Kan därmed läsas av administratörer och ändras av administratörer.

changed the permissions 30 April 2015

Kan därmed läsas av alla och ändras av administratörer.
Administrator Kjell Carlsson edited 24 August 2015

Information for 1:st year master's students from Student Counsellor and others from the Dean's Office.¶

Scheduling staff edited 4 September 2015

Master information åk1

August 2015
April 2015
Administrator Kjell Carlsson posted 23 April 2015
Administrator Kjell Carlsson created event 20 April 2015
February 2015
Administrator Kjell Carlsson posted 23 February 2015
December 2014
Scheduling staff created event 17 December 2014
Scheduling staff edited 17 December 2014

Kårens dag i Nymble sammarbete med ISO och Student Activity Fair

November 2014
Scheduling staff created event 3 March 2014

changed the permissions 10 April 2014

Kan därmed läsas av administratörer och ändras av administratörer.
Scheduling staff edited 12 May 2014

[u'TMRSM_MRSD_2', u'TTMVM_IMTA_2', u'TTMVM_MDNA_2', u'TSUEM_2', u'TTMVM_MPTA_2', u'CBIOT_1', u'CBIOT_2', u'CBIOT_3', u'CDATE_1', u'CDATE_2', u'CDATE_3', u'CDATE_INT_1', u'CDATE_INT_2', u'CDATE_INT_3', u'CDATE_JAP_1', u'CDATE_JAP_2', u'CDATE_JAP_3', u'CDATE_KIN_1', u'CDATE_KIN_2', u'CDATE_KIN_3', u'CDATE_STEK_2', u'CDATE_STEK_3', u'CDEPR_1', u'CDEPR_2', u'CDEPR_AEE_3', u'CDEPR_FOR_3', u'CDEPR_INE_3', u'CDEPR_IPDB_3', u'CDEPR_IPDC_3', u'CDEPR_IPDD_3', u'CDEPR_IPUA_3', u'CDEPR_IPUB_3', u'CDEPR_IPUC_3', u'CDEPR_MRS_3', u'CDEPR_PRM_3', u'CDEPR_SUE_3', u'CDEPR_SUT_3', u'CDEPR_TEMA_3', u'CDEPR_TEMB_3', u'CDEPR_TEMC_3', u'CELTE_1', u'CELTE_2', u'CELTE_3', u'CENMI_1', u'CENMI_2', u'CENMI_ELP_3', u'CENMI_HSSC_3', u'CENMI_KEM_3', u'CENMI_MHI_3', u'CENMI_SUE_3', u'CENMI_SUT_3', u'CFATE_1', u'CFATE_2', u'CFATE_3', u'CINEK_1', u'CINEK_BIOI_2', u'CINEK_BIOI_3', u'CINEK_DKOI_2', u'CINEK_DKOI_3', u'CINEK_EHUI_2', u'CINEK_EHUI_3', u'CINEK_PFRI_2', u'CINEK_PFRI_3', u'CINEK_TMAI_2', u'CINEK_TMAI_3', u'CINTE_1', u'CINTE_2', u'CINTE_3', u'CKEMV_3', u'CKEMV_KJAP_3', u'CKEMV_KKIN_3', u'CLGYM_1', u'CLGYM_MAFY_2', u'CLGYM_MAFY_3', u'CLGYM_MAFY_4', u'CLGYM_MAKE_2', u'CLGYM_MAKE_3', u'CLGYM_MAKE_4', u'CLGYM_TEMI_2', u'CLGYM_TEMI_3', u'CLGYM_TEMI_4', u'CLGYM_TIKT_2', u'CLGYM_TIKT_3', u'CLGYM_TIKT_4', u'CL_MADA_5', u'CL_MAFY_5', u'CL_MAKE_5', u'CMAST_1', u'CMAST_2', u'CMAST_AEE_3', u'CMAST_FOR_3', u'CMAST_INE_3', u'CMAST_INTF_2', u'CMAST_INTS_2', u'CMAST_INTT_2', u'CMAST_IPDB_3', u'CMAST_IPDD_3', u'CMAST_IPUA_3', u'CMAST_IPUB_3', u'CMAST_IPUC_3', u'CMAST_MRS_3', u'CMAST_MTH_3', u'CMAST_NEE_3', u'CMAST_PRM_3', u'CMAST_SUE_3', u'CMAST_SUT_3', u'CMAST_TEMA_3', u'CMAST_TEMB_3', u'CMAST_TEMC_3', u'CMATD_1', u'CMATD_2', u'CMATD_INE_3', u'CMATD_MMM_3', u'CMATD_MRS_3', u'CMATD_NEE_3', u'CMATD_NTE_3', u'CMATD_PRM_3', u'CMATD_SUE_3', u'CMATD_SUT_3', u'CMATD_TEMB_3', u'CMATD_TMV_3', u'CMEDT_1', u'CMEDT_2', u'CMEDT_3', u'CMETE_1', u'CMETE_2', u'CMETE_BVT_3', u'CMETE_CPS_3', u'CMETE_INMT_3', u'CMETE_LJD_3', u'CMETE_TRK_3', u'COPEN_1', u'CSAMH_1', u'CSAMH_2', u'CSAMH_BPR_3', u'CSAMH_FEFJ_3', u'CSAMH_GIT_3', u'CSAMH_HBAT_3', u'CSAMH_MVTK_3', u'CSAMH_SPL_3', u'CSAMH_TTK_3', u'CTFYS_1', u'CTFYS_2', u'CTFYS_3', u'CTKEM_1', u'CTKEM_2', u'TAEEM_1', u'TAEEM_FLT_2', u'TAEEM_LKR_2', u'TAEEM_RMD_2', u'TAEEM_SYS_2', u'TAETM_1', u'TCAEM_1', u'TCAEM_2', u'TCOMK_1', u'TCOMM_1', u'TCOMM_2', u'TCSCM_CSCA_1', u'TCSCM_CSCB_1', u'TCSCM_CSCC_1', u'TCSCM_CSCD_1', u'TCSCM_CSCE_1', u'TCSCM_CSCF_1', u'TCSCM_CSCG_1', u'TCSCM_CSCH_1', u'TCSCM_CSCI_1', u'TDTNM_1', u'TDTNM_2', u'TEBSM_1', u'TEBSM_2', u'TEEEM_2', u'TEEGM_1', u'TEEGM_2', u'TELFM_1', u'TELFM_2', u'TELPM_1', u'TELPM_2', u'TFAFK_1', u'TFAFK_2', u'TFAFK_3', u'TFOBM_1', u'TFOBM_2', u'TFOFK_1', u'TFOFK_2', u'TFOFK_3', u'TFORM_FORA_1', u'TFORM_FORA_2', u'TFORM_FORB_1', u'TFORM_FORB_2', u'THCIM_1', u'THCIM_2', u'THSSM_1', u'THSSM_2', u'THSUM_1', u'THSUM_2', u'TIDAB_1', u'TIDAB_DDNB_2', u'TIDAB_DDNB_3', u'TIDAB_DPUB_2', u'TIDAB_DPUB_3', u'TIEDB_1', u'TIEDB_2', u'TIEDB_3', u'TIEEM_1', u'TIEEM_2', u'TIEMM_BIIA_2', u'TIEMM_CSCJ_1', u'TIEMM_DKIA_2', u'TIEMM_EEAA_1', u'TIEMM_ESIA_2', u'TIEMM_FMIA_2', u'TIEMM_FMIB_1', u'TIEMM_HCIE_1', u'TIEMM_HKPA_1', u'TIEMM_IBTA_1', u'TIEMM_IPIA_2', u'TIEMM_IPIB_1', u'TIEMM_MBIA_1', u'TIEMM_MEIA_2', u'TIEMM_MPUA_1', u'TIEMM_OSYT_1', u'TIKED_1', u'TIKED_2', u'TIKED_3', u'TIKTM_1', u'TIKTM_2', u'TIMBM_1', u'TIMBM_2', u'TIPDM_IPDB_1', u'TIPDM_IPDB_2', u'TIPDM_IPDC_1', u'TIPDM_IPDC_2', u'TIPDM_IPDD_1', u'TIPDM_IPDD_2', u'TIPUM_IPUA_1', u'TIPUM_IPUA_2', u'TIPUM_IPUB_1', u'TIPUM_IPUB_2', u'TIPUM_IPUC_1', u'TIPUM_IPUC_2', u'TIVNM_DMTE_1', u'TIVNM_DMTE_2', u'TIVNM_HCID_1', u'TIVNM_HCID_2', u'TIVNM_INSY_1', u'TIVNM_INSY_2', u'TIVNM_ITAK_1', u'TIVNM_ITAK_2', u'TKEMM_1', u'TKEMM_2', u'TKOMK_2', u'TKOMK_3', u'TMAIM_MAIB_1', u'TMAIM_MAIB_2', u'TMAIM_MAIC_1', u'TMAIM_MAIC_2', u'TMAKM_1', u'TMAKM_2', u'TMBIM_1', u'TMBIM_2', u'TMEGM_1', u'TMEGM_MEGE_2', u'TMESM_1', u'TMESM_2', u'TMETM_META_1', u'TMETM_META_2', u'TMETM_METB_1', u'TMETM_METB_2', u'TMETM_METC_1', u'TMETM_METC_2', u'TMETM_METD_1', u'TMETM_METD_2', u'TMHIM_1', u'TMHIM_2', u'TMMMM_1', u'TMMMM_2', u'TMMMM_POTE_1', u'TMMTM_1', u'TMMTM_2', u'TMRSM_MRSA_1', u'TMRSM_MRSA_2', u'TMRSM_MRSB_1', u'TMRSM_MRSC_2', u'TMRSM_MRSD_1', u'TMRSM_MRSE_2', u'TMVTM_1', u'TMVTM_2', u'TNEEM_1', u'TNEEM_2', u'TNSSM_1', u'TNSSM_2', u'TNTEM_1', u'TNTEM_2', u'TPRMM_1', u'TPRMM_2', u'TSCRM_1', u'TSCRM_2', u'TSEDM_1', u'TSEDM_2', u'TSKKM_1', u'TSKKM_2', u'TSMKM_1', u'TSMKM_2', u'TSUEM_1', u'TSUTM_1', u'TSUTM_2', u'TSVDK_1', u'TSVDK_2', u'TSVDK_ALDA_3', u'TSVDK_ALMD_3', u'TSVDK_ALTB_3', u'TSVDK_ALTM_3', u'TSVDK_CSC_3', u'TSVDK_HCI_3', u'TSVDK_TBM_3', u'TSYBM_1', u'TSYBM_2', u'TTEMM_TEMA_1', u'TTEMM_TEMA_2', u'TTEMM_TEMB_1', u'TTEMM_TEMB_2', u'TTEMM_TEMC_1', u'TTEMM_TEMC_2', u'TTFYM_2', u'TTFYM_TFYA_1', u'TTFYM_TFYA_2', u'TTFYM_TFYB_1', u'TTFYM_TFYB_2', u'TTFYM_TFYC_1', u'TTFYM_TFYC_2', u'TTFYM_TFYD_1', u'TTFYM_TFYD_2', u'TTFYM_TFYE_1', u'TTFYM_TFYE_2', u'TTGTM_1', u'TTGTM_2', u'TTLSM_1', u'TTLSM_2', u'TTMAM_1', u'TTMAM_2', u'TTMAM_COMA_1', u'TTMAM_COMA_2', u'TTMAM_FMIA_1', u'TTMAM_FMIA_2', u'TTMAM_MASA_1', u'TTMAM_MASA_2', u'TTMAM_OPSA_1', u'TTMAM_OPSA_2', u'TTMVM_IMTA_1', u'TTMVM_MDNA_1', u'TTMVM_MPTA_1', u'L\xc4RGR_1', u'TMRSM_MRSB_2', u'L\xc4RGRTMRSM_MRSB_2']

changed the permissions 15 May 2014

Kan därmed läsas av alla och ändras av administratörer.
Scheduling staff edited 24 September 2014


Scheduling staff edited 10 November 2014


Scheduling staff edited 12 November 2014


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