Open House 2023

The Master's Programme in Engineering Physics in collaboration with the Department of Physics and the Department of Applied Physics invite you to an Open House at Albanova. This is an event where we gather all students that want to obtain more information about research in physics at KTH and about the Masters' Programme in Engineering Physics. During Open House, we will offer lab tours, inspiring lectures and possibilities to discuss research and future career.

Time: Wednesday, April 26, 2023, 15:00-18:00

Place: Albanova, main building, Light yard at 4th floor (close to rooms FB41, FB42 and FD41)

Schedule: Invitation flyer with schedule (a more detailed schedule is found for each track below)

Registration links: (it is necessary to register if you want us to order food for you)

Registration has closed, but you can still participate (and maybe also get some food)

More information about the activities offered during Open House 2023

Biomedical physics track

Optics & photonics track

Quantum technology track

Subatomic & astrophysics track

Theoretical physics track

Programme Director's Room

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