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Quantum technology

The Quantum Technology track focuses on emerging applications of quantum physics:  Quantum information processing, quantum sensing, and quantum communication.  Join us to learn about our courses at KTH in this field, and what types of projects you could pursue for your Masters Degree Project in Quantum Technology.


15:00 -18:00 Poster session and mingle

Let teachers and PhD students from the track inspire you by showing some of their research and take the chance to ask about everything you want to know about the track and future career opportunities!

15:30-15:45 Sign up for lab tours

The track offers several lab tours, but it is only possible to admit a restricted number of students into each lab. Please sign up for the lab tours already now to ensure that you get a place.

15:45-16:30 Talk: Tanguy Schetelat and Q&A session, room FD41

Presentation by Tanguy Schetelat, who is a recent Master at the track, followed by a Question and Answer session about the Quantum Technology (QT) track.

16:30-17:00 Lab tours according to sign ups

Visit one of the following four labs and learn more about our research within the field of quantum technology

1) Quantum circuit laboratory (David Haviland)

2) Nano laboratory (Erik Holmgren)

3) Nano Photonics laboratory (Ali Elshaari or PhD student)

4) Non-linear optics laboratory (Katia Gallo or PhD student)

17:00-17:30 Lab tours according to sign ups

The lab tours continue and you can now visit one of the other labs on the list!

17:30-18:00 Posters and last minute questions

Is there anything you are still wondering about? Come to the poster area and ask questions!