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These pages are directed to the whole programme and positioned after the Calendar in the menu. Only programme level admins can edit the pages.

Page Can read Last changed
Student inputStudents2023-03-01
Student input - follow-up pageLogged in users2023-04-13
Choosing coursesEveryone2023-03-01
Elective coursesEveryone2023-03-01
Contact informationLogged in users2023-03-21
ExaminationLogged in users2020-09-30
Faculty suggestionsLogged in users2022-09-29
Master degree projectLogged in users2022-06-03
Master thesis presentationsStudents2023-06-05
Open House 2023Everyone2023-04-25
Biomedical physicsEveryone2023-04-25
Optics & photonicsEveryone2023-04-25
Programme Director's roomEveryone2023-04-04
Quantum technologyEveryone2023-04-04
Subatomic & astrophysicsEveryone2023-04-06
Theoretical physicsEveryone2023-04-03
Project coursesLogged in users2023-03-01
Seminars for studentsLogged in users2020-10-24
Student meetingsLogged in users2023-03-31
Sustainable developmentLogged in users2020-09-28
TFYA: Theoretical physicsEveryone2018-05-24
TFYB: Subatomic & astrophysicsEveryone2018-05-24
TFYE: Biomedical physicsEveryone2018-05-24
TFYF Optics & photonicsEveryone2023-02-16
TFYG Quantum technologyEveryone2020-07-03
Useful links - academicEveryone2021-10-11

Programmme wiki

Wiki pages are directed to the whole programme and placed under the wiki. All students and administrators can edit the pages.

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