DD3008 Distribuerade algoritmer 6,0 hp

Distributed Algorithms

Introductory postgraduate level course in computer science on the theory, algorithms, and techniques of parallel and distributed computing systems.

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    P, F

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Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

  • understand and account for models, limitations, and fundamental concepts in the area of message passing and shared memory concurrency, and apply this understanding to example systems and algorithms,
  • adapt, and design algorithms for execution in parallel and distributed settings,
  • analyze the algorithms for correctness, reliability, security, and performance.

Kursens huvudsakliga innehåll

Parallel and distributed algorithms are fundamental to many aspects of modern computing and communications technology, including processor architectures (multicore, manycore), programming languages and operating systems, databases, and networks. The course covers the principles of parallel and distributed algorithms, emphasizing the fundamental issues underlying the design and analysis of distributed systems, including synchronization, communication, coordination, agreement, fault-tolerance, locality, symmetry breaking, self-organization.


Rekommenderade förkunskaper

The course does not have formal prerequisites. Target audience is first or second year postgraduate students in computer science. Postgraduate students in other subjects are welcome to attend. Familiarity with algorithms and their theory, basic probability theory, and basic mathematical discourse in cs, and programming experience will be very useful. We assume a level corresponding to the required courses of the KTH D and/or F programs.


Main textbook is Maurice Herlihy, Nir Shavit: The art of multiprocessor programming, Morgan Kaufmann 2008. Other material will be made available on the course web.


  • EXA1 - Examination, 6,0, betygsskala: P, F

Krav för slutbetyg

The course is examined through handins, participation in marking, an oral paper presentation, and a written report.

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